Setting a New Standard in Mobile Applications for the USAF

“Sybase technology will allow the USAF to provide its war fighters with the basic vital resources they need in order to fulfill their day-to-day jobs of protecting our nation. Without this technology innovation Airmen would be restricted by a lack of wireless access and rudimentary data. Sybase technology makes the efficient and accurate tracking of military goods and maintenance a given, rather than a maybe.”

-- Mark Reboulet
Program manager of the Air Force Automatic Identification Technology Program Management Office

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

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Featured SAP Solutions for Defense & Security

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  • Inventory Optimization

    Record and track materials based on quantity and value – and structure logistics facilities to cost-effectively optimize your inventory management processes.

    • Improve workload planning to meet mission readiness requirements
    • Accelerate wave picking and order consolidation
    • Synchronize radio frequency and barcode scanning
    • Enhance handling unit management to ensure efficient asset utilization
    • Streamline warehouse processes and cut material handling with better cross-docking

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  • Performance-Based Logistics

    Support system sustainability – from contract management to product support – with a performance-based logistics model that is based on an integrated IT system.

    • Streamline contract management for full visibility
    • Prepare for efficient product support
    • Improve equipment sustainability to meet availability goals

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  • Force Deployment

    Support deployed operations with integrated planning functionality for all resources – including HR, material, and finances – with SAP for Defense & Security.

    • Provide relevant information with complete visibility for stakeholders
    • Allocate the correct mix of resources and support force deployment processes
    • Plan and execute collaboratively to support planning, generation, and deployment

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  • Force Generation

    Use one integrated platform that synchronizes resources to ensure your forces are trained, equipped, and ready for a full spectrum of operations.

    • Model material and resource availability using your own organizational structure
    • Deliver force management capabilities that enable interoperability
    • Provide visibility and readiness of available resources across platforms

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  • Logistics & Fulfillment Management

    Cut transportation costs and gain inventory visibility. With better logistics execution, you can increase throughput, order accuracy, and asset utilization.

    • Provide a full audit trail for each transaction with associated import regulations
    • Create and execute the optimal modes for transport, from origin to destination Improve collaboration with suppliers for better downstream execution
    • Account for freight costs accurately through management of transportation spend
    • Ensure compliance with the latest government regulations and policies

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  • Extended Warehouse Management

    Provide flexible automated support for processing goods and managing stock in high-volume warehouses with SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

    • Get metrics based on the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)
    • See metric hierarchies with relationships between departmental performance measures
    • Achieve out-of-the-box integration to SAP Business Suite

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  • Service Parts Planning & Logistics

    Looking to capitalize on the growth and profit potential of your defense organization? Look close to home – in your own service parts business.

    • Provide full inventory visibility across the whole service parts supply chain Plan inventory across distribution networks based on volume, velocity, and segments
    • Get out-of-the-box process collaboration with an intuitive Web interface for suppliers
    • Base distribution decisions on the network's real-time data

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  • Emergency Response Planning

    Access the real-time data for accelerating responses to public-safety threats, using smartphones to streamline decision making and cross-agency collaborations.
    By running SAP Situational Awareness for Public Sector with SAP HANA, your emergency response teams can quickly access – via mobile devices – the right real-time information they need to act swiftly and appropriately. They can also accurately analyze public-safety risks and easily collaborate across jurisdictions, agencies, and geographies.

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