Save your seat and buckle up for this summer’s SAP Innovation Camp, rolling into SAP’s North American headquarters on July 30–31, 2014. This two-day “hands-on” camp will explore technologies emerging today that are unleashing new capabilities for you to innovate and move into new business models. Your camp experience will help you to prepare your organization to be more agile and move at the pace of your business needs. 

The event will begin with a keynote featuring Ugo Orsi, the vice president of application management service at Loblaw, who will talk about the company’s SAP journey, including the challenges they were facing that led them to be an early adopter of the innovation control center and the benefits they have realized.

The camp is spread over two days and divided into tracks based on your business needs. Whether you are in human resouces, finance, project management, or IT, there is something for everyone. Included in each track will be time for Q&A with experts as well as time to network with SAP executives and your peers. You will also be treated to a tour of our mission control center.

Below are the preliminary track descriptions. They will be refined and agendas will be added as they are finalized.

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Human Resources
Join this track to learn how support from SAP can help you in your journey to the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid HR landscape. You will hear actual customer case studies and different strategies to help you get the value from your HR investment, including how SuccessFactors’ Employee Central software can help simplify your HR processes with social collaboration features and mobile functionality. 

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Are you searching for financial tools to help your business become more agile? Then look no further. Discover how a central general ledger and simple finance on the SAP HANA platform can provide insight and speed into your company’s financials.
We will help you overcome your finance challenges, including high runtimes, processing delays due to dependencies, redundant data, and high-data volumes.  We will also show you the financials enterprise data warehouse as a next step toward the SAP processing platform on SAP HANA and provide real customer examples.

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SAP Enterprise Support
Find out how you can get more from support. Discover how SAP Enterprise Support helps you implement, operate, and innovate better via collaboration, automation, and empowerment. Learn about the new SAP Enterprise Support value maps, which contain services, tools, and methods around certain topic areas to increase transparency of the SAP support portfolio and clearly provide guided information about what it takes in terms of time, resources, and skills to get started and make educated decisions on where to invest for the most business impact. Watch this video to learn more out the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.

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Build SAP Like a Factory
Engineer your implementation for greater efficiency using best practices and advice from model companies within the industries. Leverage the innovation control center and Build SAP Like a Factory methodology to streamline your implementations, decrease customizations, and reduce total cost of operations. Hear about tools and processes within SAP Solution Manager, including how two value releases per year can help prevent conflict due to different paces of change, and how end-to-end validation of all integration aspects and business processes can help drive continuous business improvements and support your implementation and innovation projects, preparing you for a smooth and non-disruptive transition to your operations phase.

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Run SAP Like a Factory
Learn the strategic direction for the SAP Solution Manager application management solution, with details on innovations. See how plans include support for hybrid cloud solutions from SAP and the SAP Business Suite applications powered by SAP HANA. Discover how you can set up an operations control center in your organization and how the operations control center concept can help you run your operations with reasonable cost and efficiencies and streamline your processes. We will also explain the integration points with the Build SAP Like a Factory approach and talk about how two value releases per year can help you prevent conflict due to different paces of change between your innovation/differentiation strategy, your upgrade strategy, and your business process improvement strategy.

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SAP Platform Strategy
Simplify your IT landscapes. The SAP platform powered by SAP HANA provides the basis for a consistent simplification on multiple layers and establishes a “single source of truth for data.” Hear how you can leverage the SAP platform to simplify your solution and increase agility in IT. This track will discuss the overall SAP IT platform strategy and delve into the details of a migration and architecture strategy as well as arm you with the tools you need to explain the benefits of SAP HANA to your business users. We will divulge some basic tools to help you with sizing and discuss such things as how you can minimize your custom code and achieve near-zero downtime.

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