With traditional predictive analytics, you can expect to spend a great deal of time on activities that are manual, repetitive, and prone to human error.

SAP InfiniteInsight has changed all that, allowing users to:

  • Make predictive analytics accessible to a broad spectrum of users in real operational environments
  • Automate data prep, predictive modeling, and deployment tasks
  • Build sophisticated predictive models in minutes or hours, not weeks or months
  • Scale for petabytes of Big Data and gain rapid insight from thousands of variables
  • Increase accuracy by including all potential variables and eliminating manual errors

SAP InfiniteInsight – Free Trial 32-bit

SAP InfiniteInsight – Free Trial 64-bit

Click the link above to download a free trial version of SAP InfiniteInsight now.

“InfiniteInsight Server on Windows Installation Guide”

“SAP InfiniteInsight 6 SP4 InfiniteInsight Modeler”

“SAP InfiniteInsight Explorer – Analytical Data Management User Guide”

Download the three documents above to learn how to properly install and use SAP InfiniteInsight.