Thank you for your interest in the Q4 2013 Forester Wave Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) study.

In this report, SAP was ranked on 43 criteria and was identified as one of technology’s leading vendors. In fact, we earned the highest scores in the report for market presence and our strategy to evolve our EDW solutions to meet customer demand. According to Forrester, we’ve found our “data mojo in SAP HANA and SAP Sybase IQ.”

“SAP continues to invest significantly in visualization, in-memory, real-time, columnar, and predictive analytics.” – The Forrester Wave

SAP offers EDW solutions that:

  • Consolidate data from multiple applications, systems, and sources
  • Enable real-time insight into the business
  • Deliver lightning-fast processing and ad hoc queries
  • Store massive volumes of structured and un-structured data
  • Ensure data security and compliance
  • Can be deployed on premise or in the cloud

Download the full complimentary report now to learn why Forrester named SAP a leader based on its market presence and its strategy to evolve the SAP EDW solutions.

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