CIO Playbook: How Mobility Can Transform Your Business
Check out the CIO Playbook: How Mobility Can Transform Your Business. Learn more about key ingredients of a successful enterprise-mobility strategy.

E-Book: Transform Your Big Data Into Big Value: Retail Industry
Check out the e-book Transform Your Big Data Into Big Value:   Retail Industry. Learn more about the keys to retail differentiation.  

Infographic: Accelerating Your Financial Close
Are you ready to learn the key ingredients to a successful enterprise-mobility strategy? View our Accelerating Your Financial Close infographic.

Drive Your Supply Chain in Real-Time with SAP HANA
Check out the e-book: Drive Your Supply Chain in Real-Time with SAP HANA. Learn about big data, why it's an opportunity in supply chain, and how you can get started with your big-data initiatives.

Solution Brief: Work Smarter. Sell Better.
Win More.Ready to work smarter? Sell better? Win more? Find out how salespeople are leaving behind top-down processes – becoming more effective, efficient, and smarter than the rest in a rapidly changing, competitive world. The SAP Sales OnDemand solution is designed for the salesperson who wants to win more.

Thought Leadership Paper: Creating Community within Your Business Partner Network
In today's social-media business environment, it's critical to create a real community within your business partner network. Learn how you can connect with customers and suppliers for business-to-business e-commerce more affordably with the SAP Information Interchange OnDemand solution. Using pre-built profiles, you can make changes within your supply chain quickly using a minimum of your valuable resources.

General Brochure: Innovations to Help Banks Run Better
Calling all bankers!  Ready to boost efficiency, bring products to market more quickly, and minimize risk? In just a few minutes, learn how recent innovations in the SAP for Banking solution portfolio – including new mobile-banking features –  can help you.

Aberdeen Group Research Brief: Secure Info When and Where It's Needed
Looking for enterprise-grade mobile applications that deliver secure information when and where you need it? This Aberdeen Group white paper addresses secure delivery of your corporate e-mail, business-intelligence dashboards, and customer, inventory, and sales data.

SAP HANA Use Cases Value Calculator
Learn how to quantify the value of deploying the SAP HANA platform to enable instantaneous access and analysis of vast volumes of business data.

Get Your Travel Approved: Product Demo
Travel smarter, spend better, and get your money back faster – all while staying in compliance with corporate policies and delivering on your business goals.