Streamline Global HR and Payroll – Using Integrated SAP Software to Automate HR and Payroll Processes: Product Demo

Find out how integrated SAP software can help you streamline human resource and payroll processes. Discover how you can automate and streamline activities from hiring to benefits enrollment to validating payroll to general ledger and cost accounting.

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    • Streamlining global human resources and payroll: Using integrated SAP software to automate human resources and payroll processes. This demonstration shows how integrated SAP software helps you automate the hiring process, use employee self-services, validate your payroll run, and seamlessly transfer data to financials and controlling areas. Automate the hiring process. Drew is an HR administrator who uses SAP software to help him with human resources and payroll. He needs to complete a new hire process. Because SAP software is tightly integrated, information is automatically prefilled, making Drew’s job easier. The company’s location determines the language it uses, and the details Drew needs to fill in. SAP software includes 49 country versions supporting local legal requirements with over 1,000 legal changes per year. An additional 39 country versions are also available from SAP partners, to meet your global and local needs. Use employee self-services. Ann is a new employee who wants to enroll in benefits programs. She can enroll on her own, using the intuitive Web interface in the SAP solution. Ann’s role in the company determines which benefits and plans she can enroll in. For example, as a new hire, or in case of a life-changing event such as a marriage or birth of a child, she can easily enroll herself and her dependents in the company’s medical and dental plans. Ann can also see how deductions for benefits will impact her paycheck before she finalizes her choices. Since Ann can handle all of this on her own with self-services, the company can reduce its paper trail and free-up valuable HR administrators for more strategic initiatives. Employee self-services are all available in one place, so she can find information easily, whether she’s handling an infrequent process like benefits enrollment or a weekly task like time entry. Next, Ann wants to record her time. Timesheets can be set up to reflect the projects that she works on or they can simply track attendance hours. Time entries, including events such as leave requests, are automatically sent to payroll or the appropriate managers for approval, depending on a company’s requirements. With SAP software, you can easily and efficiently work the way your company works. Validate your payroll run. Mary is a payroll administrator who was just notified that the weekly payroll run is complete. She can check to see if payroll was run correctly by scanning for green lights. The payroll solution can handle high-volume transactions, and it supports legal requirements and changes for over 49 countries. It supports payroll departments with critical functions, such as automatic retro-calculation. So, you can enter salary changes for an effective date that may have passed, and automatically pay the proper amounts in the current period. The software also supports off-cycle processing for countries with this requirement. Transfer data to financials and controlling areas. Dave is a financial analyst. He can see all the information from the payroll run, which has been updated automatically in the SAP ERP Financials solution. Since SAP software for HR and payroll is truly integrated with SAP ERP Financials, and not batch interfaced, Dave is not burdened with transactional analysis and reconciliation. Instead, he can leverage powerful analytical tools from SAP to analyze information and provide insight to the business. SAP software makes it easy for Dave to view consolidated information from multiple sources in a dashboard, so he can analyze data such as labor costs to spot trends he might miss otherwise. As you have seen, SAP software helps you to manage HR processes from setting up a new hire to benefits enrollment, time entry, payroll run, and entry in the general ledger. You get a comprehensive, integrated, and global solution to meet your needs, and an intuitive way to view and interact with information.
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