"Suporte a colaboradores"

Saiba como a solução SAP ERP HCM oferece funcionalidade self-service para que seus colaboradores possam administrar as aspirações de carreira, atualizar perfis de talento, planejar desenvolvimento e definir objetivos de desempenho.

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    • Talent management with SAP ERP HCM: Career planning for employees. In this demo, you'll see how SAP ERP HCM helps your employees to manage career aspirations, update talent profiles, plan development, and set performance objectives. In this example, I'm an assistant director of finance at General Company. I have my eye on the comptroller position and want to plan my career to let everyone in the organization know that I am ready, willing, and able to move up. General Company uses SAP ERP HCM, which makes it easy for me to manage my career, performance, and development from one place without having to call HR too frequently for advice. My first step is to make sure that everyone knows how good I am by ensuring that my talent profile is up-to-date. With SAP ERP HCM, I have one-stop access to my profile. The profile consolidates everything about me, including my prior work experience both internal and external, educational background, recent accomplishments, and mobility preferences to show that Im open to moving to another location. Finally, I can state my career aspiration. Ive already identified management as my career type and the comptroller position as my career aspiration. And thinking long-term, I state that one of my other preferred jobs will be CFO. The software allows me to enter all of these settings about career aspirations and capabilities from a single screen. Now, I know my current set of competencies is not sufficient to take on the comptroller role, so I need to take matters into my own hands to develop my skills further. I need to establish performance and development goals to help me maintain my career goals. I use SAP ERP HCM, which lets me plan my objectives in one place without having to go all over the corporate portal. The first thing I do is check which competencies I need to develop to be qualified for the comptroller job. I open the competency development plan and decide to add a goal using a profile tool to match up with the comptroller position. In reviewing my skills relative to the skills and proficiencies required for the comptroller position, I see that I have a gap in the area of revenue analysis. So I choose this as my goal. I can also assign actions like training or mentoring. Next, I establish some goals through our management-by-objectives program, which can also help me meet my career goals. To help me decide, I can view the team goals that my manager set up for me. I can view corporate goals that have been established for the overall organization. And, I can even view the core values that have been assigned to the organization. I can use these as guidelines for setting up my own individual goals. After setting up the goal, I can link it to one of the team, corporate, or value goals to get a direct view on how my goals and objectives align with those of the overall company. Then, I save this and it will be sent through the workflow to my manager. In summary, I have a consolidated, integrated workspace with decision support to manage my career aspirations, talent profile, development planning, and performance objectives on my own, without having to rely on HR to help me through the process.
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