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Anticipate and Respond to Business Risk

Business risk is nothing to ignore, especially in times like these. Companies that maintain a fragmented, manual approach to the identification and management of business risk – and that fail to gain transparency into all of their business data – could face significant financial losses. Reaction isn't enough – you need to adopt a proactive approach for addressing the reality of business risk.

With the increasing volatility of today's business environment and the growing volume and complexity of national and global regulatory mandates, you need an enterprise-wide view into the business risk associated with all lines of business and geographies. At the same time, it's vital that you understand the relationship between business risk and your corporate strategy so you can make better-informed decisions.

SAP software can help you identify, analyze, respond to, and monitor business risk – and align your risk management processes with corporate strategy to help sustain performance and profitable growth.

With the business risk management functionality in SAP solutions, you can anticipate and swiftly respond to changing business conditions, as well as monitor your overall business risk portfolio. Capabilities for business risk management can allow you to:

  • Automatically alert management when high-impact, high-probability risk exceed company thresholds
  • Analyze business risk in terms of severity and likelihood of impact
  • Monitor risk management activities and mitigation responses via personalized dashboards
  • Synch detailed information from personalized dashboards to create high-level views, risk trend analyses, and executive-level dashboards and reports
  • Leverage features for collaboration, resource allocation, visualization, exception management, and accountability – enabling you to align business risk management with corporate strategy management processes

The management of business risk is enabled by the SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management application and the SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management application.

Regulatory Risk Management

Learn more about how to turn regulatory risk management from a burden to a benefit.

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Two Faces of Business Risk

Discover how you can cultivate business risk management to gain competitive advantage.

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Business Risk Analysis and Corporate Ratings

Learn more about Standard & Poor's plan to apply risk analysis to its corporate ratings.

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