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Test Automation with SAP Solution Manager and HP QTP

Change is critical to business innovation, but this will inevitably impact your SAP Solution. Any proposed business process and software changes mandate testing, as this is integral to maintaining the integrity of your end-to-end IT operations.

After 18 months of collaboration, on Tuesday September 13, 2011, SAP announced the availability of 2 free of charge licenses of HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) for all SAP customers with SAP Enterprise Support. This offer helps customers to automate the functional regression testing of SAP-centric business processes using HP QTP, a market leading test automation tool.

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 also has a new Test Automation Framework. This framework is designed to manage and integrate 3rd party test scripts, including HP QTP, via open interfaces. Using these tools, customers can better handle test data and test system for automated tests of SAP and non-SAP applications.

SAP Solution Manger remains the primary tool used to manage the entire testing process, from business blue printing via test planning to reporting, as follows:

  • Test Case setup: Solution Manager’s in-built Business Process hierarchies help with the test case setup, while the Test Data Container helps order test scripts. Test scripts , parameters, data and systems are assigned within the test case as per usual.
  • Test Case execution: Solution Manager Test Workbench helps in scheduling automated testing, via the html Work Center in SAP Solution Manager. This includes scheduling of exception reports and workflows, overnight if need be, so that failed tests are alerted to the tester the next morning, thereby saving time and resources. Manual testing can also be performed if need be. This works in conjunction with the Business Process Change Analyser for test scope identification. Test data variants are generated by script parameters from the 3rd party test script.
  • Integrated Reporting: Solution Manger Test Workbench produces status and progress reports integrated with 3rd party test logs by mapping the test data from the Test Data Container to Test Configuration. Here, test engineers can also manage their test plans by accessing gap, status and trend reports in order to monitor progress and troubleshoot issues as the need arises. There is also the option of drilldown from test status reports to 3rd party test tool logs and dashboards.
  • Accelerated Test Case Repair: Solution Manager automates repair order after failed test execution to responsible test engineer via workflow. Here, the test engineer can access log files, re-run the test and display / edit the test script. Integrated here is a central repair environment with data from Business Process Change Analysis included.

The testing process described above, which uses SAP Solution Manager in conjunction with HP QTP, is illustrated in the diagram below.

Test Automation with SAP Solution Manager and HP QTP

The two free of charge licenses from HP QTP will help SAP customers speed up testing for proof-of-concept or smaller projects.

Customers moving from manual to automated testing can further expect the following benefits:

  • Greater test coverage
  • More business processes can be included in one testing cycle
  • Fewer defects in SAP production systems
  • Lower testing costs due to fewer manual tests
  • More time for non-repetitive tasks

SAP Enterprise Support customers can access more information, including how-to guides, best practice documentation SAP demos and Webinars, as well as start the download process via the following links on SAP Service Marketplace:

In order to download the two free HP QTP licences, once here, you will be asked to provide a copy of your SAP contract, which will be processed by SAP. When completed, you will be notified and you may logon to the Download Center in the SAP Service Marketplace, and use the download basket to access the HP QTP installation files. SAP provides a licence key for 2 licences, visible via the links above. These licences are valid till Q3, 2012, upon which time SAP will indicate a new licence procedure. Note that this software will only work in conjunction with the application of specific SAP patches, as detailed on the SAP Service Marketplace using the above links.

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