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Will you be a part of the workforce of the future?

Having the ability to connect real-world business issues with information technology challenges is a skill that is much sought after by employers around the world. The need for more business and technology savvy individuals has increased dramatically over the last few years, thus causing employers to have to pay a premium to attract such talents.

Technology is increasingly driving business today and students who understand and are able to combine business and technology together will gain a head-start in their career. This Program enables students at participating campuses to experience first hand how organizations operate, and how integrated systems can make them more efficient, productive, and profitable. Graduates of these courses have a competitive advantage in the job market – multiple career options between business and IT, more managerial opportunities to lead across organizations within companies, and higher salaries.

Benefits for students

  • Better career and certification opportunities
    Being acquainted with the world’s leading software brings with it greater employability potential and higher starting salaries. Students gain a real-life perspective on how business is done in the “real world” and are better prepared for their careers. They also become potential candidates that can be hired immediately by SAP partners. Students on the Program can pursue opportunities to become officially SAP-certified.
  • Obtain a globally recognized SAP Best Practices in Enterprise Resource Planning (BPERP) certification on campus
    Students who are keen to advance their technology knowledge and gain SAP certification can take up the SAP Best Practices in Enterprise Resource Planning (BPERP) course. Using SAP-sponsored training systems, the BPERP course teaches students and academics how to use SAP ERP to run a midsize enterprise based on SAP’s proprietary Best Practices. Students then undergo an examination where they are awarded a SAP BPERP certification. To read more on this, please click here.
  • Unique learning experience
    The standard learning experience can be enhanced through the provision of leading-edge SAP solutions deployed in the classroom that recreate complex business problems. This generates greater interest in and engagement with curricula subject matter through innovative teaching methods. SAP software and its concepts are used to reinforce the theories that are already being taught. Through demonstrations, exercises and problems, case studies, and research projects, students are able to put theory into practice and enhance their educational experience.
  • Your university as part of the SAP ecosystem
    Universities who are members of this Program join a global network of researchers, educators, customers, and partners who use SAP. The Program is crucial in building and sustaining a well-rounded SAP ecosystem as a platform to promote innovation, encourage collaboration and facilitate the communication of business ideas amongst academics. SAP sponsors professional development opportunities such as the annual Academic Conference to bring together like-minded individuals to exchange ideas and present research findings. In turn, the academics return with the latest business software knowledge to share with their students.
  • Access to state-of-the-art software
    Both the universities and students gain exposure to the world's most utilized Enterprise Resource Planning and e-business software to help develop innovative curricula – the same software SAP customers are using around the world.
  • Success Stories
    Students who went through the SAP BPERP Certification Workshop conducted on their campus and were hired by SAP Customers. Read more here.

Want to learn more? Contact us, or contact your nearest SAP sales office .

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