Industrial Electric Wire and Cable: Customer Reference Video

Industrial Electric Wire and Cable is a distributor of wire and cable products. Learn how the company is using the SAP CRM on-demand solution to create a repository of data to improve strategic decisions, gain visibility into real-time data, and enable the sales force to pursue more business opportunities.

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    • Industrial Electric Wire and Cable is a wire and cable distributor. We don't manufacture any wire, but we do a lot of specializing of the wire. We do a lot of striping, dyeing, printing the customer's name on the wire, twisting three wires into one wire. So our niche in the market is kind of a specializing the wire between the supplier and the customer, the end customer. And we've got about 300 employees. We're employee-owned company. We've got about 13 locations worldwide. We selected SAP CRM on-demand because we were currently already running our ERP system, and we wanted an interface between the two. We wanted that integration between the two systems, which we install that implementation, as far as customers and contacts from our ERP system, to automatically flow into the on-demand system. And then change one system and it automatically updates the other system. So we were looking at that. We wanted a rapid development time to get this into the hands of our sales people quickly. That was crucial. Our SAP CRM on-demand solution is integrated into our ERP system, which is a big benefit for our inside sales people that work in ERP, with the customers and the contacts in there. And our outside sales people working with the SAP CRM on-demand solution, they see the same data. One of them can change the data, and automatically within seconds is updated to the other system. So a person in ERP can change the customer master data, update it, add a new contact. Within seconds, that new contact for that customer is automatically added into the other system and with real-time access. So I think that's a big piece of the integration. For SAP CRM on-demand, our end users use it most, as far as our outside salespeople, use the product most. First they were a little bit leery on it, and that of entering the data or interacting with the tool. But now they realize that working on opportunities is a team event, not an individual salesperson event. So they know that all eyes need to be focused on the same information, the real-time information. And our sales managers love the tool, because they can go and see what stages all the opportunities their sales employees are at, and they can see if an opportunity is stalling and is not taking and being aggressively pursued. They can work with that salesperson or sales team to kick-start that opportunity or be more aggressive with that opportunity. The benefits that I've seen from implementing SAP CRM on-demand is, we're starting to build this repository of information that we can use to make better decisions at our company. The opportunity data that is not in our ERP system is in the COD system. And that's where the information of pursuing an opportunity comes into play, where we can see maybe why we lost an order or why we didn't get some business. And we can use the information in there to gain better knowledge if we need to look at our pricing, look at our quality, look at being closer to the customer manufacturing locations. That's where the executives and the sales managers can really see and make strategic decisions for IEWC to better gain more business and pursue other prospects out there, and everything like that, as far as building that repository of opportunity data, is crucial.
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