Colgate Palmolive: Customer Reference Video

Colgate Palmolive a leading global consumer products company with $11 billion in sales spread over 200 countries. Discover how Colgate is using SAP xRPM to gain a better understanding of its projects and streamline its organization.

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    • Colgate is a world leading consumer products company. We have just over $11 billion in sales spread over 200 countries around the globe. At this point, the consumer products is a very mature industry. Innovation is a very big part of trying to generate incremental sales and also trying to reduce costs as much as possible. Our first implementation of SAP was back in 1996. And we have slowly worked on migrating just about every major business processes to SAP. Because of our relationship with SAP, they were one of the vendors that we looked at for the resource of portfolio management. And we selected them because of really meeting our goals; meeting the objectives of the project; tight integration with our existing systems, with the global HR system, as well as the BW for reporting; a pretty good understanding and respect for the xAPPs team; believing they would be able to fulfill our needs and do a good job at that. What we've seen in some very strong gains already is getting a much better sense on what type of projects are being worked on. A good focus right now is comparison of application development versus application support and trying to make sure that that is as low as possible, while trying to make sure that everything is running efficiently. And then also with the global organization having resources around the world, some of the support functionality can be done by resources at a lower cost level. And we can do that even though they're all internal Colgate resources. We can plan that and utilize people around the world. So we are starting to realize a better cost savings and better efficiencies and really focusing the people with the best skills to be working on the cutting edge implementations and application development that we have. We have been working very hard as an organization to try to improve our governance model and to have a better understanding of work within the organization. Service level agreements with our business and subsidiary to make sure that we're providing as efficient as possible, support and new development. The benefits we're seeing out of that are really focusing on having a more streamlined and efficient organization. And we're able to use xRPM and the NetWeaver tools to really help provide a transparency of that data, of that information, across the organization. So everyone from the CIO down to a developer is able to have a clear understanding of what the IT priorities are, what they are working on, what their expectations are, and how they're really helping deliver strong information and strong support to the business itself. We've been able to really work very closely with SAP to help focus the consumer good area applications to our needs and to learn best practices so that we can try to derive as much value from our IT organization for the business as possible. As well as helping reduce cost savings by having one good vendor that has been very, very strong and has grown tremendously over that relationship.
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