Lines of Business Run SAP: Overview Video

Every business is comprised of a variety of critical roles — they face different challenges, different requirements and, fundamentally, different goals. SAP features a variety of unique solutions to help streamline these lines of business so organizations can work more efficiently and effectively.

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    • Inside every business there are many critical functions. For your organization to be truly successful, each of these lines of business must overcome their own unique challenges, while still working seamlessly together. For many companies, that starts on the manufacturing floor. How do you operate in a demand-driven environment without compromising quality? For TastyKake Tasty Baking Company, implementing SAP manufacturing software gives them greater visibility into their production status, to help them continue to meet demand for their delicious, fresh baked goods. Products then need to efficiently and effectively reach consumers—a challenge for any company’s supply chain. Dansk Supermarked met this task head on by using SAP warehouse solutions. They are able optimize their entire operation, essentially fully automating their planning and stock replenishment processes. Building strong customer relationships is critical for any organization, and a top priority for the marketing and sales departments. Asian Paints, India’s largest paint company, uses SAP CRM solutions to gain a better understanding of their customer’s needs, enabling them to recommend products and help their customers plan, design, and realize their home décor ideas. At the end of the day, success will be revealed in your bottom line. Having greater financial visibility helps organizations outperform expectations and focus on new opportunities. For Lionsgate—the leading independent film entertainment studio, SAP software helps them follow trends and foresee market changes, allowing them to immediately adjust their forecast. Every line of business faces unique challenges. With SAP solutions, these units can work together so your organization can make better decisions, work closely with customers, easily adapt to change and operate more efficiently. Learn how SAP can help your company evolve from good to great.
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