Asset Safety and Compliance – Protecting People, Assets, and the Environment: Product Demo

Find out how SAP solutions allow you to manage operational risk; analyze plant performance; implement environment, health, and safety performance measures; and plan maintenance activities.

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    • Asset safety and compliance: protecting people, assets, and the environment. This demonstration shows how SAP solutions allow you to manage operational risk, analyze plant performance, implement environment, health, and safety performance measures, and plan maintenance activities. Enabling you to reduce incidents and the cost of compliance, achieve a proactive safety strategy, and benefit from a closed-loop solution for operational risk management. Manage operational risk. Martin Schumann is a chief operating officer. He uses his risk management dashboard to check the risk exposure for the operation he's monitoring. The risk heat map lets him visualize key risk indicators. He notices that risk exposure for EHS compliance is high in the Atlanta plant, so he decides to investigate further. A single click lets him drill down for details. He can see that there's a high probability of worker injury, asset malfunction, and plant emissions' exceeding normal limits at the Atlanta plant. Martin can also see that the plant manager,Katrin Miller, is already working on risk mitigation measures. Analyze plant performance. Katrin Miller is the plant manager for Atlanta. She's proactively informed about plant performance. She can see that values for sustainability, production, and overall equipment effectiveness are fine. However, EHS performance is below threshold. Katrin opens the EHS performance scorecard to learn why. She can immediately access reports on incident damage, incident response, personnel health, process safety, compliance violations, and change management procedures to help avoid incidents. She notices that a large percentage of injuries occurred in engineering operations. A single click lets her see the severity of the injuries and, if she chooses, view reports on specific incidents. Next, she decides to check the compliance-limit warnings. She sees that warehouse air emissions are exceeding operational limits. Katrin will contact the EHS manager, Maria Lopez, to discuss how to resolve the problem. Implement environment, health, and safety performance measures. Maria Lopez is an EHS manager. She uses her EHS performance dashboard to investigate increasing injuries at the Atlanta plant. The incidents log shows that injuries on Line B occurred during use of new equipment. Using her EHS manager dashboard, Maria drills down for details on the incident and related investigation. She can see that the health and safety officer has already performed a root-cause analysis, and that the incidents were related to incorrect training materials. She drills down to see what safety measures have been implemented. She can report back to the plant manager that the training materials have been updated and a new training course has been scheduled. Next, Maria checks the emissions-limit warnings. She has defined leading indicators to identify potential deviations and prevent noncompliance events. The software has proactively reported several emissions-limit warnings. Maria drills down and learns that a storage-tank condenser has overheated. She creates a task to repair the condenser. Because the software is integrated with the ERP system, the equipment status will automatically be updated when the repair is made. Plan maintenance activities. David Adams is a maintenance planner. He checks his maintenance cockpit for daily work activities and sees a maintenance notification about the faulty condenser. He drills down for more details. He looks at the m
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