Titanium Metals: Customer Testimonial Video

Titanium Metals is a leading supplier of advanced metal products. Examine how the company is using SAP NetWeaver to improve business operations, significantly reduce cycle times, and present information in a way that allows employees to make decisions and take action.

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    • Titanium Metals is a large, vertically integrated producer of titanium mill products. We were faced with a situation where we had grown significantly through acquisition. We had a number of companies that we had acquired, each of which had different information systems. We needed to have a corporate source of information for our entire business, which is a global business. So that really led us to start looking for an ERP system. There were some specific things and specific peculiarities of our business that really were satisfied best by SAP. Really in a way that the other products we looked at just really couldn't match. So bottom line, the decision to choose SAP after that evaluation process was pretty simple, pretty easily made for us. So we found that BW and the portal provide us means of presenting information to people that's engaging, it's actionable, it's information presented in a way that people like to see it, and the way they like to deal with it, and allows them to really take a specific targeted action to improve business operations. One of the things that we've done with the portal is really help focus our attention on the few points, the few areas of the business where we can really improve business performance. And what we've seen through the use of that information and presenting it in a way that people can really act on, we've seen tremendous reductions in the level of work-in-process that we have in the business. We've seen significant reductions in our cycle times. In some cases, it's taking us 30%, 35% less time now to produce products than it had before. And we've been able to do that because the information that we've presented to the key players on the shop floor and the shop floor management has allowed them to focus on the leverage points, the places where we really can focus and improve overall operations. And we've really driven some tremendous benefit through the use of that information. We've seen so much business benefit out of the use of BW and NetWeaver Portal that our next efforts are really going to be focused on expanding our use of those tools. And again, our focus is presenting information to people that they can act on. It's presented in a way that they can understand very quickly and very clearly and that can be used to focus their actions on things that are really going to improve the way our production processes operate and our administrative processes operate as well. So we're going to continue down that path and take advantage of whatever tools SAP has to offer that let us present information more quickly, more concisely, in a way that our users really respond to, so that we can continue to drive improvement in the business.
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