Colgate-Palmolive: Customer Reference Video

Colgate-Palmolive is a leading consumer products company. Learn how this global powerhouse is using SAP NetWeaver MDM to improve global spend analysis, achieving a single version of the truth, and synchronize data to reduce costs, improve processes, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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    • Colgate is a Global Consumer Products Company manufacturing and selling consumer products under oral care, personal care, and household care. Our customers demand clean and accurate master data, and synchronization of clean and accurate master data, in order to have a more improved supply chain. And we have to deliver this to ensure customer satisfaction. GDS automates our MDM solution, particularly GDS automates exchange of trade item data, based on industry standards. And this eliminates the errors in the order processing centers and improves the data quality that our customers need. Global data synchronization is the process of transmitting trade-item data to our retailers. When we introduce new products we have to transmit more than hundreds of data elements to make sure that our products go to shelves faster. So GDS is the process of transmitting this data based on industry standards. So GDS is the process of transmitting this data based on industry standards. Improved global spend analysis in order to identify and negotiate procurement savings is becoming more important than ever. And the MDM solution, SAP's MDM solution, we will be able to connect the third-party data source to build the vendor hierarchies, and this will enable better aggregation and analysis of our spend data to achieve the savings. The improved data quality of all major master data objects will affect the efficiency of all processes. For example, if you're talking about product from a supply chain processes to all other demand chain processes, it will improve analytical capabilities of our systems that we will be able to do more accurate aggregation of our data worldwide. So from transaction handling to more efficient transaction handling to better analysis of our sales or our spend, all this will deliver better decision making and increase efficiency. Another way SAP NetWeaver MDM is helping the company is data management process of our vendor master data. The poor data quality of vendor master data is a major obstacle for us against improving the efficiency of our procurement process. Implementation of our global SRM solution is slowing down due to these data problems. With the MDM solution we are building the single point of truth, which will feed accurate master data to all downstream transactional and analytical systems. We will be able to support the data governance process that will enable stewardship, data stewardship, which will enforce the global data standards and the higher data quality.
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