Efficient Application Lifecycle Management – Understanding the Value of Integrated Application Lifecycle Management with SAP Solution Manager: Product Tour

Find out how an integrated application lifecycle management approach from SAP allows you to implement and change high-quality solutions faster and operate them at lower cost.

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    • Given today’s economic climate and the accelerated pace of business change, CIOs and IT managers need to help their companies adopt innovation faster and create instant value – all while managing costs and increased complexity. That’s why more businesses are leveraging application lifecycle management, or ALM. ALM, as defined by Information Technology Infrastructure Library or (ITIL), focuses on integrating business and development teams so that applications can be seamlessly implemented and efficiently managed throughout their entire lifecycle. Adopting ALM allows your company to maximize the use of IT for business innovation and agility. Most importantly, it helps you deliver innovation faster to meet business requirements, reduce operational costs, and ensure business continuity by delivering superior-quality applications. SAP has developed a holistic, integrated approach to ALM based on ITIL, offering supporting applications, services, methodologies, standards, and other resources that help companies implement ALM best practice processes throughout the entire application lifecycle. For example, SAP provides applications such as SAP Solution Manager, SAP Test Data Migration Server, SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization, and various solution extensions. SAP’s service and support offerings for ALM help you leverage all these applications most effectively for your business. And we’ve captured our years of experience in ALM by developing best-practice based ALM approaches, methodologies, organizational models, and standards for solution operations. At the center of SAP’s integrated ALM approach is SAP Solution Manager, an application management solution that helps you manage and reduce complexity. One of the ways that SAP Solution Manager helps you manage and reduce complexity is by providing you with a “single source of truth.” This means you have structured, comprehensive, unified, and reliable information about all projects in progress, a transparent mapping of your application landscape and business processes, and a real-time view into the state of your productive solutions. Armed with this single source of truth, you can make informed, fact-based decisions and take swift action throughout the application lifecycle. For instance, a change manager should be able to tell whether all necessary tests of a change have been successfully completed before approving a shipment for production. In addition, SAP Solution Manager supports best practices in 10 core ALM process areas, providing guidance on how to manage SAP and non-SAP applications in the most efficient and structured way. And in contrast to a point solution approach, SAP Solution Manager supports and enables these best practices using an integrated approach that automates key processes and clearly defines handovers between them. Today, we will highlight two ALM best practices supported by SAP: test management and business process monitoring. In most companies, testing is a necessary evil. It’s essential to ensuring a smooth go-live, but it’s often very time consuming. Testing can also be a very expensive phase in the application lifecycle. With SAP Solution Manager, you can centrally manage testing so teams can perform tests faster and with fewer resources – and bring high-quality applications to go-live faster. For example, you can access relevant transaction tests in the related managed system with just one click, and report any errors back to the IT service desk. You can also
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