CEMEX: Customer Reference Video

CEMEX is among the world's largest building materials providers. Find out how this growing company is using SAP for Mill Products to make a quick transition to a single platform, translate innovation and best practices rapidly, and gain a competitive advantage.

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    • Cemex is a leading construction materials company. We have grown very aggressively over the past few years, over the past 20 years or so. We operate more than 70 plants around the world for cement manufacturing. We're the number three player in the world. We also run over 600 quarries for aggregate production and over 2,000 ready-mix plants around the world. We operate in over 50 countries and do business and conduct commercial businesses in over 100 countries. We were looking for a software platform, a processing software solution that enabled us to continue growing by acquisition or organically around the world. SAP was the one business suite that has both the core enterprise resource planning functionality plus more advanced functionality around to make this feasible in a globalized environment where we run a single business platform across the world. We were challenged with a major acquisition that was going to more than double the size of our business, but the complexity was going to be associated with that acquisition was going to probably multiply by, on order of magnitude, the kind of challenges we had from a business process and a technology standpoint. We were going to operate in many more countries, in many more languages than we had historically ever operated in. So we had a crossroads. Do we do this acquisition which we have to integrate into our homogenous business process platform with the technology platform we've managed for the past ten years or – which is becoming obsolete – or do we do the jump into the new technology we've chosen as a partner for long-term development? The business case was made for a jump to the SAP platform. In hindsight, it's turned out to be a good decision. We've been able to accomplish the road map in slightly less time than anticipated and at a lower cost than anticipated. Once you achieve a stable platform both in terms of business processes and functionality and technology, that is really a pillar of any one of your businesses. We have been able to translate best practices and translate interesting ideas from one operation to the next at a very fast clip. So you generate one interesting or intriguing report in a way to manage one particular part of our business in one country. We can very quickly translate it into other languages and enable that same solution elsewhere in our business landscape. That has been a definite advantage for us in the recipe, and it allows us to translate innovation and take best practices much quicker than we anticipated from one country to another, from one business to another. We believe that the combination of our business processes, our technology, such as the one that SAP offers, and the business process rendering into technology that SAP offers, all of that integral solution is a definite advantage over the longer run. Is it replicable by other companies? Perhaps. The way that we are building an ecosystem of processes, practices, management habits or behaviors, and the technology platform underneath is becoming, I think, a source of competitive advantage, which is going to be very hard to replicate for any one of our competitors. When we are able to start extending that more assertively toward our supplier base and certainly offering this to our channels, our customers, we believe we'll be able to have an even more valuable competitive differentiator.
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