SAP CRM Rapid-Deployment Solution: Target and Drive Customer Demands with Accuracy

See how a rapid deployment of SAP CRM can help you set up e-mail marketing campaigns, define and assign the right target groups, and automatically generate leads based on customer responses.

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    • SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution: Target and drive customer demands with precision and accuracy. A rapid deployment of SAP CRM delivers essential CRM functionality, a quick implementation and affordable pricing, and the flexibility to grow with your business. In this demo, you'll see how the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution helps your marketing team: identify and target the right audience, develop, execute, and track campaigns, and generate well-qualified leads for sales representatives. In this example, I'm the marketing manager of a computer company called Global Corporation: I want to see how the rapid deployment of SAP CRM can support my marketing activities. This is my home page where I have a single view of all my activities including my appointments, tasks, saved searches, favorites, and other relevant information. It’s simple to use, and I can easily drag and drop the content the way I like it. I want to see how my campaigns are doing. Here I can review the effectiveness of the campaigns. I have the flexibility to change the chart into different types of charts that best fit my needs. I can review my campaign performance including the number of contacts, how many people responded, and the number of generated leads and opportunities. I can change this view according to my preferences or export data into Microsoft Excel. Now, I want to schedule some new marketing activities with the Marketing Calendar. The integrated Marketing Calendar is an interactive tool that provides a bird’s eye view of all relevant marketing activities. I can view all planned and executed marketing activities. I can search and filter the view by products, marketing project types, priority, or any other attributes, and I can share this calendar with the sales teams, so they have visibility into what’s being planned. When I change the colors by priority, you can see all the marketing activities change color according to priority value. I can take action directly from the calendar. I can drag and drop start- and end-dates to change the planned campaign dates, create a new campaign, or copy a campaign. The campaign templates are integrated in the calendar: that means it’s very easy to create a new campaign with the help of a template with prefilled best-practice data. I can also take action directly to drill down to campaign details from the calendar with one click. This is the notebook product-launch campaign, which is a multichannel campaign. I can see key details such as the objective and tactic, the schedule, the execution channel, the target group that’s assigned and so on. The campaign “to-dos” help my marketing team stay on-track, plan, and develop the campaign. I can assign specific tasks to team members and send reminders to help ensure on-time delivery of the campaign. The first wave of this multichannel campaign is an e-mail, and I want to review the e-mail form for the campaign. An e-mail based on this form will be sent to the target audience to promote the new notebook. The content can be personalized with customer attributes, such as names, purchased products, or other customer attributes. The e-mail has a link to a customer survey. Based on the answers, the solution will automatically generate leads and score them, letting me know which customers to follow up with. Now I want to look at the target groups that are assigned to the campaign. I drill into the first target group that is assigned to this e-mail campaign to review the selection criteria. This segmentation tool allows me to define target groups using an interactive, ”water-fall”-user-interface. The attribute lists give me all relevant customer data, marketing interactions, such as sales, service and back office interactions, and analytical data to accurately generate my target audiences. I can show the distribution of the attributes and the specific values in a graph: for example, I can look at this “Area of Usage” attribute to gain deeper insights into my customer profiles. And, I can easily drag and drop the attributes that are relevant for my selection to create my target group. I can also bring in third-party lists to extend my target audiences. This target group was created with data imported from a business partner’s system using the software’s external-list-management functionality. This functionality lets me upload external lists, define formats to map customer or prospect records to corresponding fields in the solution, and create a new target group out of this imported list if needed. That’s how an SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution helps me set up an e-mail marketing campaign, assign an e-mail form, and assign target groups for execution. After campaign execution, I want to take a look at the results. I want to see the leads that were generated by the Product Launch Campaign. Drilling down into a specific lead, I can see details such as prospect contact information, dates, status, priority, and the qualification level. The corresponding survey, including the customers’ answers, is also assigned to provide a complete interaction history for sales agents for follow-ups I can set up the software to automatically distribute the leads to the best sales agent and help ensure that all leads are followed up in a timely manner. As you have seen, the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution can help your marketing professionals accurately generate target audiences, simplify campaign development and execution, and better align with sales to generate highly qualified leads. With the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution, you get essential CRM functionality delivered quickly and at an affordable price – and the flexibility of a solution that can grow with your business.
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