Electronic Payment Exchange: Customer Reference Video

Electronic Payment Exchange provides integrated payment solutions, including payment processing, reporting, and back-office services. Learn how this innovator is using SAP Business ByDesign to alleviate the burden on IT, focus internal resources, integrate disparate systems, and more.

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    • EPX is a processor of electronic payments. We specialize in providing security for payment processing to commercial businesses and alleviating the compliance, regulatory compliance burden associated with PCI. We are a technology company, and as a result there is an extreme strong demand on our internal IT resources. So the single largest issue I think for our company today is the burden on the IT department to support all the IT requirements. We obviously have a CRM system. We have a separate finance system. We have a separate HR system. So many of the IT solutions that run certain aspects of our business are not integrated, are silo platforms that we must operate, maintain, and manage separately and independently. So obviously the SAP solution provides us an opportunity to migrate those different business aspects onto one single platform and a hosted platform that alleviates the internal burden on IT. The reasons we selected SAP were specifically surrounding our ability to alleviate some of the IT burden internally and by outsourcing finance, CRM, HR, and allowing us to concentrate our IT resources onto things that we specialize and do well in payment processing. So a hosted solution like the one that SAP has introduced really is meeting our need today. Benefits that we anticipate from the SAP Business ByDesign system are efficiency and effectiveness of our business. Currently today we manage our customers from the sales process through integration into production and then from customer relationship forward through disparate, disconnected systems. We anticipate that the SAP solution will allow us to manage that complete cycle with a customer on one platform. That obviously will create efficiencies. That will obviously make us much more effective in managing our customer. We anticipate the benefits of using SAP to be not only improved efficiency internally in EPX and the direct resulted savings in dollars, but we also expect to be able to have access to the SAP ecosystem and all the possibilities that hold for a company of our size. The reason that EPX selected SAP is obviously SAP has a strong recognized brand and has a very good reputation in the industry. But more importantly, SAP has demonstrated a willingness to work with us closely to help us integrate and migrate our different business applications to their new product. And we realized that they are going to be with us every step of the way and ensure we get the solution that works for us.
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