SAP Contract Lifecycle Management On-Demand Solution – Increasing Profits, Reducing Costs and Risk: Product Demo

SAP CLM OnDemand gives you the tools you need to optimize contract creation, contract visibility, and contract compliance, while the included services deliver rapid time to value.

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    • The SAP Contract Lifecycle Management on-demand solution: increasing profits, reducing cost and risk. The SAP CLM on-demand solution is a subscription offering that includes services to bring your company onboard, complete hosting, customer support, and other ongoing value-added services. In this demo, you'll see how the SAP CLM on-demand solution enables and optimizes contract creation, contract visibility, and contract compliance. In this example, I'm a contract manager. I use the SAP CLM on-demand solution to access my contract management workbench. The workbench shows all my key activities, such as workflows, to-do lists, search channels, and report channels. Today I want to create a new master agreement from a template. I can see a range of templates, including procurement, sales, non-disclosure, real-estate, and partnership agreements. In this case I want a procurement agreement. The Header tab lets me enter data such as the contract name and expiration date. The tab includes details such as Sarbanes-Oxley obligations, and a Collaborators area for reviewers and approvers. In addition, the Document Links area provides perpetual relationship management between this agreement and related documents such as projects, RFPs, sub-agreements, and other agreements. The Schedule tab helps standardize the contract process by letting me create tasks associated with this type of agreement. The Supplier Information tab shows the primary contact and lets me list additional contacts. The Line Items tab captures structured data that can then appear as an exhibit in the legal contract document. It also lets me transfer line-item data from the contract to an ERP system for creating orders or operational agreements. The Terms tab lets me set standard payment terms such as minimums, maximums, rebates, and penalties. The Contract Documents area is where I create the actual agreement documents. I start by choosing a template, which can include sections and clauses from a content library that can be managed by my Legal department. I select a standard supply agreement and choose to customize its content. I'm first presented with an outline view of the draft agreement. Some of the clauses are mandatory, so I can't unselect them. But I can omit other clauses, and add a comment explaining why. I can also add sections and clauses. Next, I refine the clause content based on relevant choices from the clause library. Once the content is finalized, I generate a draft contract document in Microsoft Word. Now I can view the document that I've created. I can track the document history, and I can send it through a review and approval workflow. In this case I want to send the document for legal approval. Now I'll take the role of an attorney in the Legal department. I see in the SAP CLM on-demand solution that I have a contract approval waiting for me. A single click lets me approve or reject the document. In this case I first glance at the details and then quickly approve it. I can easily add comments or attach another version. Now I return to the role of contract manager. I go to my contract management area, open the agreement I created, and select the contract that was just approved. When I check the workflow history, I can see who approved it. However, I see that it's still pending approval by others in the Legal approval stream. Once they approve it, I'll be able to move the contract on to other approval stages and then execute the agreement. The SAP CLM on-deman
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