Valero Energy: Customer Testimonial Video

Valero Energy is the largest oil refiner in North America. Find out how this forward-thinking organization relies on SAP NetWeaver to manage a complex network of systems and enable an enterprise service-oriented architecture.

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    • The key business issues that Valero has had to deal with, first of all – one that crosses the whole industry – is that we have extremely volatile product prices and raw material prices in a margin business. The second one is much more unique to Valero, which is our extremely rapid growth. We have grown from a $2 billion company to more than $100 billion company – that's in revenues – in 10 years. And very few companies have done this. We have been able to quickly integrate the core businesses of our acquisitions by the effective use of the SAP ERP, the Business Suite, and the NetWeaver platform. Because of the number of acquisitions we have made, however, we still have a number of peripheral feeder systems into the SAP products. By making full use of enterprise Web services and the NetWeaver platform, however, we have been able to effectively and efficiently manage this complex network environment of non-SAP systems. The real benefit out of having enterprise Web services is to make sure that we have good governance, process, and procedures around these enterprise services. SAP NetWeaver XI really provides us a framework to host all these enterprise services in our landscape. XI gives us the flexibility to look at it, monitor it, and troubleshoot whenever we have a big problem or a big business issue. Currently in our landscape we have built 50 enterprise services and over 20 asynchronous scenarios. And in the future over the next few months, we are scheduled to finish 20 more enterprise services. And by next year, we'll be looking at 100 to 200 enterprise services. Once these enterprise services are deployed, then consumers of these enterprise services can reuse them from application to application. The key around enterprise Web services is the reusability. We have to make sure that when we implement an enterprise service that it's reusable from project to project or scenario to scenario. SAP is helping Valero to extend what we have been able to achieve inside of Valero to our business with our customers and suppliers. And the way we're able to achieve speed and efficiency with other companies is by eliminating duplicate work and eliminating duplicate data. There's a tremendous opportunity for companies to use SAP's application of Enterprise SOA to achieve speed, to achieve efficiency, to eliminate duplicate work, and eliminate duplicate data.
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