Anadarko Petroleum: Customer Testimonial Video

Anadarko Petroleum Corp. is among the world's largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies. Explore how the company is using SAP NetWeaver to provide access to business information, enable enterprise-wide data integration, develop complex workflows, and support rapid growth.

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    • Anadarko is a global exploration/production company. Operate mainly in the United States and deep-water Gulf of Mexico, with smaller offices in the U.K., Northern Africa, Indonesia. We really looked at the whole SAP NetWeaver stack and determined that from a technology perspective it was really going to give us a lot of opportunity to integrate with our existing systems as well as automate workflows within SAP. And so the portal was actually the first thing we implemented. We implemented the portal six months before we went live, which definitely helped the organization to see that SAP wasn't as big and scary as what people were thinking. And it allowed us to get the technology on the ground and really get a lot better at it before we went live with the full system. Every employee uses the portal. It's when you click on Internet Explorer, that's what you go into. And it's really where all of our content is maintained. So if you want to launch into SAP, any of our other applications within Anadarko, even to go in and do, into our HR system and do employee self-service, it basically integrates all of our applications together in one spot We really went in with the attitude that we didn't want to re-create everything we had in our old systems in terms of reporting. But we wanted to be able to leverage the analytical capabilities that BW brings. We've since expanded that out, and now we're bringing in other applications within Anadarko's landscape into the warehouse. And so we're able to pull together much more complete analytics to look at profit and loss, be able to look at our capital projects more holistically, and really be able to manage our expenses a lot more closely and in a lot more integrated fashion. What we have now with our environment is a much more integrated data environment, where we can pull data in from a lot of different systems by leveraging the SAP NetWeaver stack. And it allows us to do a lot more centralized reporting, it certainly bring in our international information a lot more effectively than what we were able to do in the past. And it's provided us a platform to be able to build upon in terms of bringing in other data from other non-SAP systems to pull together a bigger picture of our business from a lot of different facets. We adopted the SAP NetWeaver stack, which for us includes XI, the portal, the warehouse. And we do a lot of our own workflow development within the SAP NetWeaver stack. So some of our most basic to some of the more complex workflows we've developed on top of SAP using the Web Dynpro XI stack. So in terms of how we integrate our workflows with other systems, and also how we integrate data with other companies, we really leveraged XI to do that for us. And we've seen a lot of benefit in being able to get the integration up quickly. Anadarko has grown significantly for the last six years. In fact, a year and a half ago, we acquired two companies simultaneously, which effectively doubled our size. So scalability was a major consideration in terms of selecting SAP. And what it allowed us to do was to integrate these two companies at the same time in seven months, actually quicker than we did the original implementation of an equal asset base. So it certainly proved out the fact that our environment is a lot more scalable.
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