Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal: Customer Reference Video

Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal is one of the largest health facilities in Quebec.Discover how the hospital is using SAP for Healthcare solutions to integrate and consolidate patient and financial data, analyze spending to reduce costs, and improve pat

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    • Sacre-Coeur is one of the largest hospitals in Quebec, receiving about 20,000 inpatients a year, 200,000 outpatients a year. Specialties in cardiology, traumatology, emergency, pharmacy, ophthalmology mainly. Sacre-Coeur has multiple locations as well. Two main sites and a couple of satellite sites that we need to integrate. The objective for us was to consolidate financial data with patient data to get the case costing. So that was the main goal. We selected SAP because among the solutions we looked through, SAP was the more integrated solution and capable of providing a patient management system, as well, which we didn't see in the other solutions. We come from a best-of-breed environment. So in that kind of environment, each specialized system is managing its own information. It's unthinkable to replace all the systems. So we have to integrate those specialized systems to produce the global vision of the patient activities. The portal was very helpful to do that. So we've been able with the portal to better integrate that and then produce finally the global vision of the patient activities. A couple of months ago we experienced a severe increase in drug prices and drug expenses. We needed more information to better understand what was the reason behind that. So we looked through the system. SAP was able to provide each single drug used for the period of time and it speeded up the analysis we needed to do. So quickly, we've been able to understand that there were four drugs involved, and we selected those four drugs. We've seen evolutions in the certain period of time, and then we've been able to order protocols to better manage those four drugs. With the SAP solution, we've been able to improve our processes regarding patient management and patient scheduling as well. So we had problems coordinating the schedule of the patients, in and out patient as well. So we wanted to better coordinate those schedules and make it easier for us to manage the resources we were having on the floor. By better managing the schedule of the patient, we will probably increase the patient satisfaction. But as well, the use of our resources.
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