Austrian Airlines: Customer Reference Video

Austrian Airlines is a midsize carrier with 100 aircraft that serve 10 million passengers a year and fly to all five continents, with more than 130 destinations. See how the airline is using SAP solutions to focus on its customers by ensuring that everyone in the company has the most accurate information.

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    • Austrian Airlines is a so-called mid-size carrier. We have around about 100 aircrafts with around about 10 million passengers a year. We are a member of the Star Alliance, and we are serving all five continents with more than 130 destinations. We at Austrian Airlines need a 360-degree focus on our customers from the questions where and why they are buying our tickets until the end of the journey have they been satisfied by our services after they reached their final destinations with their luggage on time. So this is the point where I think we need CRM as a supporting tool to all the business processes we have at Austrian Airlines. The airline industry in the past was driven by production of flying seats and due to the new players entering the market, we are much more becoming a customer-oriented and customer-focused industry. The problem is that in the past the most systems, applications in their IT, have been focused on production and not that much on the customers. We are implementing SAP Customer Interaction Center based on the SAP Enterprise Portal to get out from the customer and agency customers to our flying passengers, which is about a number of 1.6 million customers. At Austrian Airlines in the past we had different databases or Excel sheets in the different sales regions to control our salespeople to plan their visits and so on. At the moment we have reached a status where we can do this more or less on a centralized basis and then put it out into the regions so that this is a plannable and very good coordinated process. The people get their data and their data are a different set of customers differentiated, for example, to regions or to size or whatever we have that attributes to our customers to select and to provide the salespeople the most efficient way. The salespeople get this data. They do their activities with the customers. They have documentation what to have done if there are necessary steps with other or by other colleagues. It is documented and each time they get to an access point in the hotel or at home they can synchronize with the mobile sales data to the central storage of SAP CRM, so that everybody in the company has most accurate data and information of our customer base. With SAP Enterprise Portal you have the first time a user interface which is acceptable by the users. You don't need training to be able to use interface key-in data because through the portal it becomes easy and usable to get the information and to put the information to the system you need or your colleagues are needing. I think that in the future we will see Enterprise Portal from all this every application as it is much more feasible than the standard user interface.
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