Chico's FAS: Customer Reference Video

Chico's FAS Inc. is a specialty retailer of apparel and accessories under several popular brand names. Learn how rapidly growing company is using SAP for Retail to lower total cost of ownership, reduce manual labor, support decision making, improve customer satisfaction, and more.

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    • Chico's is a specialty retailer of women's apparel, and we go to market under three different brands. The company had passed the $1 billion mark in 2005. And it had taken us 23 years to get to that first $1 billion. But we could see $2 billion in the next two or three years. And so we needed an application that could scale with that growth. And that fundamentally was the reason that we went out into the marketplace to look for a new application suite. Total cost of ownership was a key component of our decision to go forward with SAP. And fundamentally what we liked about that solution was that the best practices were built-in and were fully integrated, from product development through merchandising and through finance. We utilize the full stack of SAP capability, from product development through merchandising and into finance. And so those three major components for us track a product really from the creation of a new garment all the way through to the full-price selling and the markdown and outlet selling that occurs. When we plan and allocate product to our stores, under our legacy systems we were only able to do that at a relatively high level of description of the product. With SAP, we're able to take it to a much more granular detail so that we can truly match what the customer's buying with what we have available in inventory. And we're able to see that inventory in much more specific locations, which translates into our planners and allocators working only on the exceptions and being able to, as a result, be much more efficient and really bring to bear their expertise on the key elements that satisfy our customer. SAP provides for us the capability to serve our customer in a multi-channel scenario. So, we are tracking our product not only to the store, but also to our online and to our catalog channel. Data collection for us through SAP has meant a savings in manual labor. It's really cut down on the number of times that we have to input data, because that data is shared across all of the processes within the system. The real benefit for us is being able to get the right product to the right place at the right time. And so that visibility across the entire supply chain of where a product is and when it will reach its next destination is critical for key decisions that are made throughout the business.
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