Inelectra: Customer Testimonial Video

Inelectra is a provider of engineering and construction services for the various industries, with operations in Venezuela and around the world. Explore how the company is using SAP NetWeaver to integrate data, enable collaboration, and support better decision making across the enterprise.

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    • Inelectra is an EPC company. It is one of the first, among the first 50 engineering and construction companies for the oil, gas, petrochemical, and thermoelectric industries in the world. We are based in Venezuela, South America. We have businesses not only in Venezuela, but in Columbia, Argentina, and Brazil. So we need to have an integrated platform that will help us on the decision-making process, controlling, monitoring the projects. And we need to have also an integrated cost-control tool that will help us monitoring the budgets. With SAP NetWeaver, we anticipate to have a better control of the information, a leverage of the data produced in different projects. And we also expect to have a collaboration environment among the users, among the different disciplines from the EPC lump-sum projects. We also expect to have historical data that will help us in the decision-making process of the company. We needed to migrate those systems or integrate those systems into a platform that will give us information, historical data, and leverage the information to the decision-making process in our EPC lump-sum projects. We wanted to have a system that will integrate all the information from the different projects – basically, EPC lump-sum projects. So we decided to implement the usage of NetWeaver as our base for the integration of the information. We're going to be using collaboration as teams with our vendors, contractors, and suppliers, which should improve the communication levels. We're going to have more control of the information generated by our engineers and our suppliers. We also expect to have a repository data information in the warehouse, Business Warehouse, that will help us on the decision-making process. I think that the relationship with SAP is very good, it's strong. We are just looking forward to continue this relationship to complete our next steps, which will be to consolidate this model of EPC cost control and collaboration environment, not only in the EPC world, but in other businesses in the company.
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