Thomson: Customer Reference Video

Thomson is a world leader in digital video technologies, serving the global media and entertainment industries Learn how Thomson is using SAP xRPM to streamline its processes cross the organization and gain consolidated visibility into its entire R&D

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    • Thomson is a company that is now working to serve the media and entertainment industries. We’re now a company that is having a turnaround of 5.5 billion Euros and 26,000 people. We have 8 research labs in this company. And research and development is the foundation of the future of Thomson. It is very important for us. Thomson is using SAP within its organization. And we have rolled-out SAP within the SBU Technology organization. It seemed a logical choice for us to actually select xRPM to handle the portfolio management portion. From an interface perspective, it is easier to actually capture all the feedback, all the data from an SAP system, than from other systems. So this choice was logical. And in addition to that, since SAP has provided support and commitment as far as the implementation of the solution is concerned, we have decided to proceed with xRPM. We are having multiple research labs in different countries. It is difficult to manage because the culture is different. Also, because these labs are in different time zones. And it is important for us, not only to have a common methodology to manage those projects, but also to have a tool that allows us to have consolidated information, both from a project progress perspective, but also from a financial perspective. xRPM helps us not only in consolidating the financials of the projects no matter the currency, it helps us also in consolidating the progress of each project and having an overall view on the portfolio of the R&D projects that we have. One of the reasons why we decided to implement xRPM was these early stages because we were one of the first customers in Europe, was that we had the full SAP support and commitment to get this implementation working properly. So we worked with SAP expertise and SAP consulting to help us implement the solution. We worked with SAP project management that helped us coordinate all the resources on the SAP side. And we worked with SAP education to build the training material that we would use from a change management perspective within Thomson. One of the immediate benefits that we have from the implementation of xRPM is that we have a consolidated visibility of the cost of our projects on a month-by-month basis. SAP xRPM is providing several benefits that we anticipate or that we are already getting from the implementation. The first one I believe, and probably the most obvious one, is to make sure that we have a streamlined process across the organization. We have R&D centers that are located in several countries. We have development centers that belong to several BUs. Implementing a single xRPM solution streamlines the processes, makes sure that we have a consistent coherent way of looking at the projects and at the data. It gives us an overall consolidated visibility on all the portfolio of R&D projects that we have in the company. xRPM is giving us more visibility on the research projects that are underway within Thomson. And will enable us to communicate better. And as you know, research is the foundation of future business, so it is important for us to be able to communicate to the market, to the customers, and internally as well.
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