OneVision Solutions: Customer Reference Video

OneVision Solutions provides videoconferencing solutions, services, and training. Find out how this dynamic company is using SAP Business ByDesign to provide access to corporate data any time, anywhere; monitor sales by product, customer, and region; focus on core competencies; and achieve competitive advantage.

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    • OneVision Solutions was started in 2004 by two Tandberg executives. We provide video-conferencing solutions from a very collaborative approach. We sell the products, the services, and the maintenance. And we put special emphasis on the training aspects. We were using QuickBooks prior to our change to the SAP Business ByDesign solution. We outgrew the solution, bottom line. It's a great system for companies that are just getting started, but at the growth rate that the company was going, we were quickly moving outside of its capacities down to the point of the scalability of the system that we were looking for, the flexibility of the system, the dynamic approach toward the corporate structure. The way we do business today is not going to be the way we're going to do business next year. We'll literally change the way we look at the business from a vertical perspective, a regional perspective. And we weren't able to do that with the existing product. The primary benefit that we've picked up so far from SAP Business ByDesign is the profitability of our business. And to be able to deep dive and slice and dice our numbers on a customer basis, on a product category, vertical, or region. When we first sat down with SAP Business ByDesign, I told the sales team, I said, we need to be able to look at our business by healthcare for a particular region. I said if we can do that, then we're 95% of the way there. And we were able to sit down and build our corporate structure so we can actually look at the numbers that we want to see them. The availability of being able to actually work on the Internet, work from the house, work from anywhere in the world, was a very nice feature for us. As I kind of go into the whole fact of the scalability, the flexibility of the system, we were able to change our structure, change the way we do business, and quickly do that on the fly and look at the way it's going to affect our business later on. By being able to do that ourselves, I don't have to bring in consultants, I don't have to worry about the IT, the support. Our core competency is to go out and do collaborative-approach video solutions for companies, it's not to take care of back-office systems. By using SAP Business ByDesign, we're able to focus on our core competencies, as opposed to worrying about back-office functionality or IT in particular. Right now, we don't have an IT staff. I have no desire to go out and bring one onboard or bring on a DBA or bring in anybody to really support that area of our business. We try to work streamlined as a company, and from an accounting perspective, we only have three people that actually do the accounting, or four people, actually. So for us, to be able to focus on what we do best, either be it the back office or the core competency of the business, is paramount to us. I would definitely say that SAP Business ByDesign has changed the way OneVision Solutions is doing business today. And it's going to allow the company to be where it wants to be in the next two years. We're on an exponential growth path right now. We plan to be over $100 million in the next two years. And for us to be able to do that, we will have to change the way we do business, the structure of our business, and an ERP system is going to be the way for us to do that. SAP Business ByDesign, being a Web-based solution, has put us, one, way ahead of our competition going forward. The way we view SAP Business ByDesign right now is that it's bleedin
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