Tallard Technologies: Customer Reference Video

Tallard Technologies Inc. is a value-added distributor of IT and automation solutions. Learn why Tallard chose SAP Business All-in-One and how the company achieved an on-time, on-budget implementation and found a solid foundation for future growth.

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    • Tallard Technologies is a wholesale distributor of telecommunications and computing products and service to Latin America. We're located in Miami, Florida, and we have eight offices throughout the Latin America region. We have a total of 300 employees and in 2007 had annual revenues of approximately $220 million. We had outgrown two small systems over a period of six years and had determined that to create the type of infrastructure and tools to support our growing businesses throughout Latin America, that we needed a fully integrated ERP that could support multi-lingual, multi-currency solutions and also support an e-commerce front-end. We began looking at what I know now as the tier-two space. But as we looked at some of those solutions, we found very early on that in order to get the full functionality that we required for our business, that we would need to add on "bolt-on" or other types of additional solutions. SAP provided us one platform with all of the functionality that we required right out of the box. When we began our implementation process, we were looking for tools that could help us through the implementation. We're distributors by nature. Our core business is inventory and distributing products. SAP had a whole suite of tools, including the ASAP implementation methodology, that helped a company like ours run through the process and lead us through the steps that we needed to do to implement our solution. And ultimately, we were able to do that in a period of six months, on-time and on-budget. We had a strategic reason to look at SAP, because all of the vendors that we support use SAP. But at first, like many smaller companies, we didn't believe that SAP was the right fit for us. But as we began to learn about the solution and the implementation methodologies and tools that SAP provided, we found that very quickly not only did it have all the functionality that we required, but also had a methodology to help us through that implementation in a streamlined way. We also understood that our business would grow in the future, and we were looking for a platform that could support that growth. And SAP provided both sides of that equation. When we began our implementation process, it was a big leap for our company to choose a new system and to make that investment. Looking back now, seven years later, we are 100% convinced that we made the right decision for our company. Not only is SAP an industry leader in the ERP marketplace, they have significant customized solutions for wholesale distributors, they constantly are innovating, and there's a large ecosystem of partners, suppliers who help round out the total solution and provides the type of support that we need as a company to continue to grow and improve our business.
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