CHEP: Customer Testimonial Video

CHEP is a leading provider of pallet and container pooling services, meeting customer needs in 42 countries around the world. Find out how CHEP is taking advantage of SAP NetWeaver to integrate software and processes, access consistent data, and improve customer satisfaction.

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    • CHEP is a world-leading logistics provider. We supply and are enabling 2.5 million movements around the world every day. The major thing is, we're operating in 42 countries. Every country's had different processes all around the world. The same information was not interpreted throughout company uniformly. So it was adding quite a lot of confusion in making strategic decisions. By implementing the BI solution from SAP NetWeaver, now our executives have started getting uniform, consistent data. So we know the truth, what is happening in the field, so we are able to execute our business strategies very, very clearly. Currently SAP Portal is used internally within CHEP in building complex business processes around enterprise. We have multiple applications running with various platforms. SAP R/3 is the main one, but we do have Manugistics and Siebel applications. But whenever there is a need to integrate processes across these platforms we use Enterprise Portal as a source or a platform. We create complex applications, complex processes, which people can utilize and get benefit of. And because of doing this consolidation, we have started seeing quite a lot of productivity increase particularly in terms of logistics, because now everybody is talking the same language or working with the same data or same information. So everybody can comprehend it and work on the same information throughout the company. That's a big benefit to CHEP. By utilizing NetWeaver components like Business Intelligence and Enterprise Portal, we were able to provide consistent data or information to our logistic coordinators. That led into various initiatives, which increased our on-time performance from 83% to 96%. It's a very quantifiable benefit, which satisfies our customers very much. By utilizing Enterprise Service Architecture, we are expecting we can create composite applications which are not dependent on one silo part of functional departments within CHEP. So, by utilizing information across multiple functional silos within the organization, CHEP as a company can understand and synergize that operations across the different functional areas. We are expecting that is going to increase the productivity throughout the organization, which will definitely benefit our customers because of the efficiency within the organization.
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