Mieschke Hofmann und Partner: Customer Reference Video

Mieschke Hofmann und Partner is a process consulting company focused on the automotive industry and is 75% Porsche-owned. MHP is striving attain a high level of excellence in customer relations. See how MHP uses SAP CRM to improve the quality of customer data and enhance customer support.

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    • Mieschke Hofmann and Partner is a process consulting company; 270 people headcount. And at Porsche AG, we are basically in charge of the implementation of the SAP CRM project at Porsche AG in all leading markets. SAP CRM was pretty straightforward for Porsche since SAP is heavily used within Porsche AG for logistics and supply chain, so there is very much know – how around SAP-based systems, and last not least, SAP CRM is a market leader in that process area. The data was very fragmented in the beginning, which meant for marketing, for each and every mailing, the data had to be pulled from various systems, reformatted and merged for duplicate cleansing made by mail, which took easily six hours per mailing. And due to the data quality, we had a lot of mail returns. And as we now have a central database with clean data addresses properly maintained, we now can make the same job within 15 to 20 minutes and thereby far less mail bounces. In complaints management, since data was very fragmented, people in the call center could not immediately respond to customer complaints since they had to look up data in various systems; customer history, complaint history, vehicle history, and now the information is available at the fingertips of the users. The biggest benefit SAP CRM brought to Porsche is providing a central customer prospect and vehicle database and making information around customer relations available at a fingertip for management. And that makes business now creative on constantly improving the processes regarding customer relations. With Porsche AG, we basically implemented brand new processes. We call it "proactive complaints management." There we try to identify potentially dissatisfied customers by collecting all related information around customer and vehicle from various sources like vehicle breakdowns, warranty repairs, technical problems at the dealership. This information is displayed in words and a dedicated group is trying to identify these potential customers, contacting them proactively. And there is an amazing result being achieved. We get letters from customers really being happy about being contacted and being taken care by that importer. So this is really a proof of the loyal customers we generate based on new processes.
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