Comgas: Customer Reference Video

Comgas is a leading distributor of natural gas in Brazil. Learn how this growing company is using SAP Mobile Asset Management to reduce costs, increase productivity, automate processes, and capture and maintain accurate information about asset management and maintenance.

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    • Comgas is the largest distributor of natural gas in Brazil. It's a company of revenues of around $1.3 billion. The natural gas distribution business is highly asset-intensive. In order to grow our network, we have to rely on buried pipes and all the distribution centers. And this requires a high activity of asset management and maintenance. This was the main drive toward thinking about adopting a mobile solution for the field staff to maintain and manage all of the assets. Whereas we had before a mainly manual system where people would use papers and then register on paper and would enter manually the information in the system, now you have from end to end a completely automated process, which gives very little room for errors in terms of information entry. What comes from that is that the information we have in the back-end system and information extracted by the manager to run the business is now correct. When it comes to the benefits, what we realized in terms of utilizing the Mobile Asset Management module from SAP was that we achieved the three points of benefits that we are actually focusing on. First one, bottom line, is cost reduction. We had all this reduction in terms of the cycle time of the process in terms of asset management and maintenance, so in the end we had a cost reduction. The second one is the agility of the process in terms of productivity – people being able to do a lot more in the same amount of time. Just because the process is automated, they are able to do a lot more visits, the travel times are reduced – again, going back to cost reduction. The third one is the information aspect of it, where now we have correct information in the back-end system that allows managers to know exactly what's going on in the field in terms of maintenance and management of the assets of Comgas. We are planning to keep our growth average around 20% a year. We are adding new customers every day. We are expanding our networks for gas distribution, and this brings a lot of pressure on the asset management and the maintenance process. The utilization of SAP Mobile Asset Management will help a lot on that. If we had still the manual process, that would be quite an impossible job to do.
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