SAP Knowledge Acceleration – Speed End-User Adoption and Maximize Return on Investment: Overview Video

See how you can derive greater value from your investment in SAP software with a software-based learning tool to accelerate end-user adoption.

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    • SAP Knowledge Acceleration software: Speed end-user adoption and maximize return on investment. When running new or existing SAP software, you are faced with a number of training challenges: From a strategic standpoint, what’s the best way to address: pre- and post-implementation training and support, new-hire training, local and remote users, classroom versus Web-based training, and use of existing content? From a tactical standpoint, what’s the best way to handle: limited training, business, and technical resources, budget constraints, and time limitations, especially if new course content needs to be developed and delivered? SAP Knowledge Acceleration from SAP Education provides the answers. SAP Knowledge Acceleration gives your organization a proven way to get new users off to the best possible start with SAP software. It also helps existing users learn new ways to become more productive. This customizable, Web-based learning and support solution can help your team work more effectively together to help you maximize the return on your IT investment. Deployment is rapid – via intranet, file server, learning management system, or CD – for a fast time-to-value and just-in-time training. The software recreates role-specific tasks focused on key functionalities that you can customize to enhance learning. You can add reference material so it’s available to everyone in your enterprise, anytime and anywhere. And as a web-based solution, you can reduce costs associated with travel and time out-of-office. The software features content and customization tools that you can use to create a central learning portal. Content modules contain diagrams and explanations of key concepts, workflows, and terminology. Dynamic rollover text boxes provide detailed descriptions so learners can gain a deeper level of understanding. Simulations make training as realistic and hands-on as possible. There are more than 125 simulations with: user-initiated and recorded playback modes, explanation frames that provide helpful information during the simulation, printable step-by-step lists that serve as job aids, plus rewind and fast-forward navigation options. All content sections have playback modes of escalating complexity to ensure your learners can engage, learn, and review materials sequentially. In the demonstration mode, learners can view playbacks without having to engage in a lesson. In the tutorial mode, learners execute tasks and are prompted to participate in simulations. In the self-test mode, users can test their knowledge prior to an evaluation for a learner-engaged pre-test. Then, in the evaluation mode, learners are tested on lesson content. Your team is able to get comfortable with new business processes – while the software prepares an assessment of competency. The software also enables ongoing knowledge support for individuals looking to update their skills or understanding. Learners can access content by module, launch simulations in multiple modes, or they can view printable screenshots for easy reference. SAP Knowledge Acceleration is adaptable to your training environment. You can use it to customize course content. You can also update simulations, edit workflows, change screen shots, and add specific examples to make the learning experience even more realistic. SAP Knowledge Acceleration is a proven training solution that can help speed end-user adoption and maximize the return on your IT investment. You gain a cost-effective training solutio
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