Sentry Group: Customer Testimonial Video

Sentry Group is a small, privately held manufacturer of fireproof files and safes. Hear how the company is using SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management to get a single view of company data, rapidly respond to changing customer needs, and innovate for competitive advantage.

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    • Sentry Safe is a small, privately held manufacturer of fireproof chests, fireproof files, and fireproof safes. We had master data in many different places, often times it was same information, say the dimensions were in multiple places on shared public folders, on networks. And our problem was a lot of times that data was different. And resolving those discrepancies took a tremendous amount of time. And often we were slow to respond to our customers. And unfortunately, sometimes we even gave them wrong information. On top of that, every day that we delayed in getting that information was a day lost on the shelf. And those missed days on the shelf are lost sales to our customers, are lost sales to us. The biggest benefit around SAP NetWeaver MDM for us is having a single repository of information about our product master data, a single version of the truth. And what that does for us is it reduces cycle times. It reduces cycle times of us being able to provide data to our customers or each other in the organization. We looked at a couple of other solutions. We also looked at trying to develop something internally. But really the integration that SAP NetWeaver MDM brought to the table out of the box to our transactional backbone was probably what led us to conclude that it was the fastest to get implemented. We saw that SAP was investing tremendously in the product and would be a solution that we could grow into. We are experiencing a tremendous amount of new requests from our customers and different requests from our customers. I think that as they're being pressed to do more with less, a lot of that ends up rolling back to us manufacturers. They want from us data that is more timely, more accurate. They want different kinds of data. And what the SAP NetWeaver MDM platform lets us do now is able to accommodate those requests in a timely manner. With SAP NetWeaver MDM, that data gathering step is done. If on occasion we need to add additional data to the repository, the tool is flexible to be able to do that, so now when we get these requests from our customers, we don't spend two or three months. They're not individual projects. We can focus on how to deliver that data to them, as opposed to within our own organization how to collect the data. And that is a, we think, a powerful, strategic asset going forward, because we always want to be the vendor of choice for our customers. What really sold us on pursuing an SAP NetWeaver MDM solution, making that strategic investment in the software and that infrastructure, was that we believe that – and it's bearing out – that our customers are going to be wanting more information, different kinds of information. What we saw was between our own investment in software and SAP's continued investment in the software, we'll be able to innovate. We'll be able to provide our customers with more than just providing them a set of fields. We'll be able to maybe establish electronic links with our customers, maybe be able to send rich content, pictures, images, videos, maybe be able to directly update our content on their retail Web sites, as opposed to having to filter through their buying organization, their IT group. And what we think is going to happen is, by having a solid infrastructure like SAP NetWeaver MDM, we are going to be able to be not just where our customers are asking us to go, but we'll be able to innovate. We are a small manufacturer. We play against other giant manufacturers selling int
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