Coolerado: Customer Reference Video

Coolerado Corp. manufacturers, markets, and distributes innovative, energy-efficient air-conditioners and related equipment. Learn how this ambitious company is using SAP Business ByDesign to quickly qualify leads, better manage inventory, increase margins, boost profitability, and more.

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    • Coolerado developed an energy-efficient, chemical-free, compressor-free air-conditioner. We spent the first four years developing it, and now we're bringing it to market in a big way. We're a small business with big visions, and we know we're not going to get there with sticky notes and off-the-shelf software. So we're looking for a package that can help us sell worldwide but function well as both the front end and the back office. Our decision to go with SAP Business ByDesign was really driven by the completeness of the package. Actually, when we were introduced to it, we at the time were using multiple off-the-shelf packages. We weren't looking for an ERP, but when we were introduced to it, it made sense to us that in order for our business to grow, it's what we needed. One of the things that we're looking for is a streamlined, thin front office. We're looking for a company that spends more of its resources out converting sales to cash. So with that, we don't want to have resources committed to counting bolts on the manufacturing shop floor. We want something that's going to track that for us automatically and, again, seamlessly from the time the sale is processed to the time it's shipped. One of the things that most impressed me was the SAP implementation team, how they were willing to accommodate my schedule. From the very beginning they understood that my first and foremost objective was to run a business. And they were willing to accommodate my schedule, work within the confines of my day-to-day activities in running the business. One of the first things that I looked at was the training. We do have a sales force that's out of the office, out of the state, actually. And we're going to want them to be tying into our CRM package and using it on a day-to-day basis. I was very pleased to see the training packages and the fact that you can go online and learn how to use this package without an all-hands meeting, if you will. But even more exciting was the fact that I could monitor the progress of the sales force to make sure that they are in fact completing the modules and making progress toward going live themselves with the CRM aspect. We're spending too much time tracking leads and spending time with leads that we're never going to nurture into a sale. The CRM aspect of SAP Business ByDesign forces the discipline upon us to qualify that lead quickly and realize whether or not it's one that we want to spend any more resources with or not. The inventory control, that is a nightmare for me right now using off-the-shelf technology to try to keep track of how many parts we have, how many screws we have, how many units, complete units we have that are available for shipping. SAP Business ByDesign gave me the opportunity to control that, and more importantly, tie it in with the sale, so that when I sell product, it keeps track of it in the inventory process for me. So it's not guesswork. It eliminated the guesswork. We're hopeful with SAP Business ByDesign that we'll be able to increase our margins, increase our profitability, which in turn allows us to share the profit margins. all the way through the value chain So a streamlined process, a thin front office, eliminating waste, just-in-time inventory management. All the tools that SAP Business ByDesign offers are the things that we need to remain competitive and be able to develop a product that we can offer down the value line.
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