GulfMark Offshore: Customer Reference Video

GulfMark Offshore Inc. provides marine services primarily to organizations involved in offshore exploration and production of oil and gas. Learn how the company is using SAP ERP to accelerate financial close processes, deliver information to executive management, and achieve competitive advantage.

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    • GulfMark is a public, midsize oil-service company. We own supply vessels that take people and supplies back and forth to the offshore drilling rigs. We're primarily international We needed to have a very efficient process with the integration, which we didn't have previously. We wanted the automation, because previously, all of our processes were manual processes. So, from a Sarbanes-Oxley perspective, we needed a system that was an automated control system instead of a manual controls. We needed to decrease our monthly close process. And probably the most important for our future was the platform for our future decision making. We had come up with our objectives, and with those objectives we had identified some key performance indicators. like increasing our automated controls, decreasing our close process, decreasing our account analysis process, because the subledgers now have the information in it that you don't have to reconcile, the reconciliation of our intercompany process. So, where previously in our close process, it took a full day to reconcile our intercompanies, where now that's an automated process, you get an exception report, and you look at that exception report and if there's no issues, you move on. So that's a huge benefit to us and our monthly close process We think that what we have tapped into in SAP is just the beginning. There's a larger base out there within SAP that can bring our company much tighter. Within SAP, we now have a lot of our statistical and operational information that we didn't have. It's more than just a financial system. It's an information system for us. And we're looking for the means to bring that information together and be able to report on it on a timely basis for our executive management. The competitive advantage is, from SAP, is the fact that you have data available to you. And it's, from our perspective, since we're an international company, you have data from all of your international locations in one source. It's an integrated data system. You can say, we buy a certain dollar amount from this particular vendor all over the world, where previously that was a huge exercise to determine that information, where now it's the information you have accessible to you immediately. And you can go and you can negotiate with that vendor. When we go talk to our customers, we can say, we provide this level of service to you all over the world. We think that we could possibly do more for you. Because in lots of cases, the customers and the vendors don't have that information either. So I think by having that information that you could present to the customers and the vendors, it provides an edge that you may not have otherwise.
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