TAM Ceramics: Customer Reference Video

TAM Ceramics is a manufacturer of ceramic powders for aerospace, automotive, and other industries. See how this innovative company is taking advantage of SAP Business ByDesign to ease the administrative burden on users, improve its internal business processes, and enable the organization to reach its goals.

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    • TAM Ceramics is a manufacturer of ceramic grains and powders. They have been around for over 100 years. It is a heavy-industry facility, and we service various markets in aerospace, automobile, for thermal and mechanical applications. The SAP Business ByDesign product was our specific choice, because, being a spin-off facility, we did not have any IT. The servers and other IT infrastructure was located centralized within the larger parent corporation. So when we took over this facility, we didn't have a whole lot of options. We were looking at what could have been substantial capital expense at other various ERP options. So SAP Business ByDesign was a really good fit for us not having the IT, not having the hardware, and being able to move quickly on a solution for us. When we initially embarked upon the project, we were led to believe that it was kind of low-maintenance, low-user requirement, and again, that was going to be critical, as well. And we have experienced, since with have gone live – and we have been live with the system for almost a full year now – it truly is a minimal burden on our users to use SAP Business ByDesign. You know, one thing that was very surprising to me was, I always had this impression that the finest department had to be, you know, CFO, controller, various clerical, and other support folks. And we had set out thinking that we needed that level of support, and fairly quickly realized that we didn't need it, because the system functioned as well as it did. Before we started using the system, a lot of resources were designated to manage the finances and to order materials and to really get the facility up and running, ordering materials, invoicing. Pretty much the entire team was geared toward just running the business, and we couldn't do any of the good, value-added internal improvement, look at quality, look at R&D. We really were kind of a slave to a startup-company-type scenario. After we implemented the system and the ease of use of the system, I mean really even, again, training other personnel, having the function, having the invoice and not worry about, are you collecting, having those analytics and the quick access to that information just really is a burden that was there that is not there at all. The partnership with SAP has really been an excellent experience for myself and for my team. I have received nothing but positive comments and accolades about their support, response time, reliability of the system. And then even a lot of the inside expertise within SAP, my supply chain manager, very impressed with the production module and inherent kind of understanding of standard costing and how that works and really provided some good value to, not just us running and ERP system, but running our business and maybe looking at things a little bit differently. So that's really nice additional expertise and input that SAP brought to the table in addition to just, hey, here is a pretty good system. We're really going to try to help your organization achieve its goals.
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