Beckman Coulter: Customer Testimonial Video

Beckman Coulter Inc. is a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument systems, tests, and supplies that simplify and automate laboratory processes. Learn how this innovator is using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation to access data in real time for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidations.

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    • Beckman Coulter is approximately a $3 billion company, headquartered in California. We operate in about 120 different countries. We specialize in medical diagnostics. One of the things I really liked about it was that the front end of it was spreadsheet-based. All of my staff around the world were already familiar with the spreadsheets. It also minimized the amount of training that was required and allowed us to deploy it a lot quicker. The very first time we used it, we were still a little hesitant, so we still had people submit their budgets via spreadsheet. And then we took that information and loaded it into the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation product, and lo and behold, the operating plan came up with a different answer. And what we found out was that the business planning product was right. And we uncovered all the errors that we had in our spreadsheets over the years as people added rows, changed formulas, and so on. Another benefit is the real-time nature of the product. It allows us to see what's going on as people are inputting around the world, and is much more responsive and quicker than any other tools that we've seen out there. As people submitted their estimates and forecasts, it would automatically roll things up, and we could see real-time what the status of the operating plan was. And then we could get to issues and address them much quicker than we could before. We used to do one operating plan per year, and one mid-year update. Now we do a monthly estimate, which is reviewed immediately by the senior management team. And the focus is no longer on whether the numbers are right or accurate, but we spend our time now talking about what we can do to change the outcome of that roll up or scenario. And so that gets revised in the following forecast the following month, and it really has improved our ability to react to business dynamics. And it's been really valuable to us. It's a product that you can get up and running very quickly. But as you begin to use it and learn from it, you realize what potential capabilities there are, and so the scope just keeps expanding to the point where our organization has four, five separate applications that they run on using this SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. As we've gone on through the years, what we realized is that we were using Hyperion Enterprise product for consolidations, and that we'd have to feed that into the business planning product in order to complete our forecast. And we're sort of talking about how nice it would be to have everything in one application. And so about a year ago, we set up SAP Business Planning and Consolidation and use it now for both of those endeavors, both planning and consolidations. And it's eliminated the need to have to have and maintain multiple applications from multiple software companies. So that's another added benefit that we've experienced personally. Overall, the company has benefited immensely from using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. Just by the very nature of the timeliness of the information, the accuracy of the information, and the ease of use, we've been able to spend more time analyzing and discussing the business issues and drivers, rather than spending a lot of time, like we did before, at questioning whether the data was valid and accurate. And as an outcome of all that, I believe that our company is performing a lot better. And the rate of improvement is accelerating as we continue to expand the u
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