Lexmark International: Customer Reference Video

Lexmark is a global provider of business and consumer printing solutions. Learn how this innovator is using SAP BusinessObjects information management solutions to improve data quality, become more efficient, and gain a better line of sight to its customers.

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    • Lexmark is a printer company, global printer company, specializing in printers and professional services around printers and solutions to go along with those printers. The core problem that we had is around data quality. And when we were implementing the SAP ERP solution, it made a lot of sense for us to look at SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management. We were previously a BusinessObjects customer before SAP purchased BusinessObjects, so that made a lot of sense as well. And when SAP and BusinessObject came together, it was an easy choice for us to look at that entire suite of products and to really address those core data problems and quality issues that we were facing. The benefits for us using SAP MDM and the SAP BusinessObjects information management tools are that we have a complete solution. And that complete solution really fit us when we looked at doing a multi-entity, multi-data object implementation. And so as we look across with the implementation of our ERP program, which obviously is a transformational project for us, the data quality going into that ERP was of paramount importance and a big point in the business case of the ERP, putting in the new ERP system. So with having SAP MDM tools naturally hooked to SAP ERP and then with the convergence of SAP BusinessObjects information management tools, it was really easy for us to make that selection. And then the benefits that we get out of that are not only being able to have a master data management tool but also the data quality tools and the metadata tools that SAP BusinessObjects offers all together in one package. Our implementation is really a analytical implementation of MDM. And so the benefits for us are in the amount of time that we spend trying to do data hunting and gathering for reporting. So the benefits really look at how much time can we save? If you have quality data from the beginning, you don't spend all of your time doing hunting and gathering, and you spend your time doing the analysis and the real true KPIs and the key performance indicators that help drive the business decisions. The way that SAP is helping us move faster, have better visibility into the customer, is a driving force for us to do a lot of process work and a lot of process re-engineering. And so implementing a global solution of MDM and the information management tools and the ERP is really driving us toward that process re-engineering. And that process re-engineering is making us respond to customer needs a lot faster, because we have a single view of that customer, because we know what products that they're using. That's allowing us to service those customers a lot better. Our CEO two years ago set down the line of sight to the customer strategy. So the insight for us in every person at Lexmark, both internally and externally, have to look at their line of sight to the customer. And the SAP MDM tools and the SAP BusinessObjects information management tools are allowing us to get that insight and allow everybody to draw their sight to the customer. When we sat down with both IT and the business and put together the information management strategy that we're executing right now, what we looked at was, how do we really get to know our customers and get to know the products that those customers are using? And that's the key point and the center point of what we're implementing with SAP MDM and with the SAP BusinessObjects tools, is to be able to do the analysis, know who our customers are, a
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