Holly: Customer Reference Video

Holly Corp. is an independent petroleum refiner that produces petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel. See how this company used SAP Test Data Migration Server to bring new functionality to its production system, improve disk management, and achieve immediate ROI.

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    • Holly is a Dallas-based corporation. It's an independent oil refinery and marketer that produces high-end value items such as gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel. Along with our subsidiaries, we operate an 84,000-barrel-per-day refinery in New Mexico and also another one, 27,000 barrels per day in Utah. The biggest competitive challenge that we faced at Holly was disk management. We are a wholesale environment. Resources, in this particular case, disk space, is a premium for us, so it's not like we can buy and it's a done deal. It becomes an increasing, reoccurring monthly cost. So we needed a method or tool to help us manage that. Yet at the same time, we went live May of 2007 and we knew we needed to refresh our QA environment. Also, we are a two-Basis shop. And with that we must be able to support our ongoing projects, supportability of issues, and day-to-day tasks. With TDMS, we have the flexibility to perform a TDMS refresh, yet at the same time have the ability to do our day-to-day task. I think TDMS has given us a great competitive advantage. We have the ability to build a system out and a quick turnaround period from our sandbox, allow for effective testing, the ability to bring a new functionality into our production system. By placing the TDMS refresh on our sandbox, we felt that that would give us a more accurate, rapid turnaround time to place new functionality into our production system. Our return on investment immediately was a 50% savings in disk space. Our anticipated return on investment – we hoped to achieve, and it appears that our current rate of return will be achieving, a 70% to 75% savings on disk space overall now in our entire landscape, especially after we install TDMS for our BI environment. Also to be able to do a refresh on our sandbox does not require the same amount of disk space as you would need on a production system. So in of itself we calculated that would be between 75% and 80% savings. So being a hosted environment, that's a tremendous amount of savings for our group. Our implementation process was very straightforward. TDMS is basically an add-on. It took us no more than 30 minutes to implement the tool. So, we utilized a consultant, of course,– as an assurance piece; things may come up – but it was very straightforward. Not problematic at all. And we were up and running within 45 minutes. I think one of the greatest advantages of TDMS that it did not require additional hardware. We were able to install TDMS on our current solution manager, which operates also as our system landscape directory, which is very important to the XI landscape. And also we have CTS+ installed on the same system. So we had no need to install additional memory or additional hardware, and most importantly, there was no downtime for our production system. So we felt that in and of itself it gave a great return of investment, because there's no hardware, either server nor memory, or disk space required.
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