Checkpoint Systems: Customer Reference Video

Checkpoint Systems manufactures and markets technology-driven solutions to facilitate the merchandising, tracking, and securing of consumer goods in the supply chain. See how the organization is using SAP Business One to strengthen its market share, grow its franchise partners, and focus more on customers.

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    • Checkpoint International is $780 million company. Head office is in Thorofare, and we are, let's say, presenting in 27 countries, mainly, let's say, the bigger-size countries in Europe. And mainly focusing on the secured merchandising solutions. Hard competition what we had, price erosion, so therefore we needed to make a decision to change strategy. And we wanted to move the smaller and middle-sized customers, to a franchise model, which will help us then to, let's say, have more focus to the customers. And this was one of the major reasons why we changed the strategy of the company. And we were also looking for a solution like Business One. We had two or three options, also from competition, but at the end, SAP Business One gave us the most flexibility and the highest integration to our back-end system. We are very pleased with SAP Business One, as we enlarged our market share, because we had 20 internal sales people and now we changed it into 55 external franchise partners. By implementing SAP Business One for our franchise partners, it has strengthened our market share, and we are a bit ahead to the competition, to our competition, and also the representation of let's say the bigger sales force we have outside. We are in a better position as we were before. And we also see the growth of last year with 5% to 7% we didn't achieve the years before. So it's a very successful model for us to help the franchise partners with Business One to enlarge our Checkpoint Systems business. The SAP Business One is working extremely well for the small-sized companies we have, like one or two persons. And it covers all the, let's say, modules like logistics, sales, finance, analytics. So one person can run the solution, SAP Business One, on his laptop and is able to manage his business. Especially the ease of use of SAP Business One is a very positive, what we get is very positive feedback from the franchise partners. It was pretty quick, because we had the first contact with SAP in November 2005. We took the decision in December 2005. Because business management decided to go live on the first of January, so it was a pretty tight schedule. We developed master templates for materials and customers. And with a, let's say, transferring of master data, materials and customers, and a two-day training, people were able to go live. So within the first month we had 23 customers or, let's say, franchise partners live after the decision to go for B1.
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