Graybar: Customer Reference Video

Graybar, a Fortune 500 company, provides electrical and telecommunication service solutions and products, operating out of 250 distribution facilities in North America. Learn how the company implemented SAP ERP to help it run its business more effectively.

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    • SAP has been a very trusted partner, a valuable partner of Graybar from the very beginning of our SAP implementation project. Many of our customers and suppliers were already customers of SAP. So as we looked at the supply chain, we thought that would position us for lots of opportunities in the future to add value to both ends of the supply chain, to our customers as well as to our suppliers. And I think the final thing was that we wanted to be able to leverage the research and development of SAP, the technology changes, business changes and, as we viewed SAP, we viewed them as a partner who could take us into the future. One of the foremost benefits that we've experienced has to be the information that's available that we can deliver to our executives. We deliver a dashboard report to the executives at corporate, to the district managers, and to the branch managers every morning with all of their key metrics in terms of how the business is doing. The information they have is near real-time so that rather than knowing a month later or a week later, they know the next day how we did in terms of our revenues, where our gross margin rate was at at the end of that day, where our inventory sits. First and foremost is the development of the wholesale distribution business unit, which is focused on our industry segment and focused on learning what are the specific issues, problems, what are the things that keep us up at night as a wholesale distributor. And then looking at how SAP can address that with solutions focused on our industry. They've now created a wholesale distribution solution using best practices for wholesale distribution. So we're seeing some of the things that we had to customize in our implementation of SAP being absorbed into the core product and now part of the R/3 solution. What we're finding now in the SAP environment is that we can make changes that before might have taken us months we can now do in weeks. We can do changes that before would have taken us weeks we can now do in days and it gives us the ability to, again, add value to our customers because we can respond more quickly, in many cases, than our competitors can to their requirements. I can sit here before you and say that every promise that SAP has made to Graybar they have fulfilled. And that expresses to me a level of integrity and a level of commitment to Graybar and, I'm sure, to other SAP customers that we don't find in other vendors.
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