Greenheck Fan: Customer Reference Video

Greenheck Fan Corp. is a leading manufacturer of ventilation equipment. Discover how this industry leader is using SAP Business All-in-One to achieve its vision of shorter production and shipping cycles, increased order velocity, and acquiring new business.

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    • Greenheck is a company in the HVAC market, building fan and commercial ventilation equipment. We've got approximately 3,000 employees and about 2 million square feet of manufacturing space. I've been installing and implementing different ERP systems for a number of years, and the first implementation that I've ever been a part of that I really enjoyed and would continue to do is the SAP implementation. SAP has been there helping me along the way. They have got great consulting partners that have helped. You've got all the technical information that you need, all the help information that you need. There's just an abundance of resources to solve any problem that you might have. On other implementations where I've kind of felt that I was alone and had no way to turn, there's always help available to get through almost anything you run into with an SAP implementation. Greenheck had a vision a number of years ago to establish what we call the field-to-factory vision. And that vision included being able to take our field configuration system select one of our products, and configure that to our unique needs of the customer. And manufacture that item in a very short period of time and ship that to the customer. And SAP has really allowed us to do just that. We are able to take a customer order in and process it through our sales-order system and out directly to the shop floor to the machine controllers without any human intervention whatsoever. And that's really allowed us to get the product to the customer in a matter of hours rather than days. It used to take us four days to create a fire damper. SAP allowed us to build custom machines that utilized the information from SAP so that we could take that order in-house. And if we get it in-house by 11:00, we can actually ship that order the next day to the customer. Before, that would take four days for us to process that through sales order entry, through the shop floor, and actually get it shipped out the door. The biggest thing that the variant configurator has done for us is our order velocity has increased almost 400% in certain areas. Less in other areas, but we certainly increased the velocity of the orders from the order entry all the way to shipping, including the manufacturing process and purchasing process as well. We also have reduced our order entry errors dramatically. Greenheck has just recently completed its implementation, so we're just now starting to realize the full potential of the gains we're going to see. Greenheck has been able to undertake several new channels of business that it could have never have addressed before with our legacy system. And those two channels actually came up during the implementation process, so very quickly we were able to change our direction, re-blueprint these new business channels, and implement them right along with the existing business processes we were implementing at the time.
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