EADS N.V.: Customer Reference Video

EADS N.V. is Europe's largest aerospace and defense company and does business around the world. Learn how the organization is using SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services to gain visibility into processes, achieve transparent export control, and track the entire production chain.

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    • EADS is the largest European aerospace and defense company and number two in the world, right after Boeing. We have, worldwide, approximately 118,000 employees, and we had a turnover in last year of approximately 43 billion. EADS was merged in 2001 out of the German DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, the French Aerospatiale-Matra, and the Spanish CASA. In Germany, we had already a functional export control system which supports the business. But this system reached, after 15 years, end of life and was no longer maintainable, and therefore we decided to look for a new solution. And therefore we decided to go with SAP and with SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services to fulfill our export control requirements. GTS brings more visibility into our processes with a new track-and-trace functionality. We have within the satellite business, for example, a lot of ITAR impacts, where we need one European license for the export of the satellite. But in additional, we have approximately 100 items which needs to be tracked from the early stage of production up to the final delivery and to the customer. And this is very well possible now with the track-and-trace functionality within the new GTS. SAP helped by creating the bill-of-material explosion for identifying each critical ITAR item. We need the explosion of the BOM. In additional, we need the track-and-trace functionalities to track and trace all these ITAR items through the whole production chain, from the beginning up to delivery to the customers. And in additional, the manual booking, which is not process-related, is for an engineer-driven company like ours very necessary, because not all the processes are built up in an ERP. That means we have to do export control sometimes manually. But we can now book this stuff in SAP GTS as well. The market is driving companies like ours to be more transparent. On the one hand, the shareholders who want to know the measures and the tools for export control. But on the other hand we have contractual-driven obligations. The satellite business, for example, knows satellites are built with ITAR items, and they are asking within contracts already that all licenses are available half a year after signing the contract. That means you must know your product, you must know your content, and therefore you need export controls visibility. There is a kind of innovation with the new Global Trade Service. Export control is normally considered within the company as a burden. Within the new functionality, we have the possibility to foresee license requirements in such an early stage that we are now not only export control, we are partner within the business game and can play our own in a very early stage.
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