Prognosys: Customer Reference Video

Prognosys Pvt. Ltd. is the number one IT research firm in India. Discover how this rapidly growing organization is using SAP Business ByDesign to avoid unnecessary costs, accelerate processes, track sales to target the right opportunities, and flexibly grow the business.

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    • Prognosys was founded in 2004 by a group of professionals coming from various backgrounds. And in the last four years we have become number one company in India in IT research field and number two in Asia Pacific regions. When we started, we had this mind we need an ERP solution. When we started looking at the vendors' offering, what was available to us at that point of time, we realized we have two solution with us. One is client/server technology. One is SaaS model. We thought of, let's look at the SaaS model. What are kinds of benefits that are bringing onto the table. So, most important, we do not need to have full-fledged IT department. You just need to have a small IT department to make sure your networking is fine. And secondly, you have 24/7 availability without investing on the data center. The lead time to generate the invoice in our case has come down from 15, 16 days to a two-days rate. So 14 days time is a huge implication on our kind of business, in the professional services, because mostly, most of the cost was into the manpower. So you can't get the credit there. It's not that you're passing on the cost to some other vendor. So you have to absorb the cost. Whereas, to your client, you are giving 45 days to 60 days credit. So all of the sudden, in a growing organization, you are growing by 200%, this is very good, but your working capital requirement getting increased many-fold. So how will you manage that? So that's why. I mean, 15, 14 days reduction of billing cycle is a huge, huge cost savings for us. What happens when you are growing and doing well, actually, no one looks at the many things. And one thing is where the business is coming in. Are you tapping the right kind of business? I mean, you are doing a business of $5 million, but you don't know whether your business are profitable, I mean, those projects are profitable. You could have bagged better-profitable projects, which you have missed out, because of the bandwidth. So here we have started doing the tracking through SAP Business ByDesign. What we are doing here, we are tracking each sales lead. We are predicting the profitability there and we are targeting, OK, given our limitations, if we cannot bag all the projects which are the four projects we should go and bag it. Software-as-a-service model, the biggest advantage one gets that you do not have to create a highly paid IT department. And then probably the best part is that you are getting a lot of objects free which otherwise you should have spent on it. A lot of consultancy, which, I mean, most of the ERP project get failed because you do not have the right kind of solutions and because you do not have the right kind of consultants to tell you what to buy and what not to buy. In this case, the first advantage you get from the SaaS model, because those are well-researched products, a lot of functionalities on the basis of the best practices are being built on.
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