Bendpak: Customer Reference Video

Bendpak is one of the leading automotive service equipment manufacturers in the global vehicle repair marketplace. See how the company is using SAP Business ByDesign to gain end-to-end visibility, leverage best practices, and use improved analytics to aid forecasting and enable strategic planning.

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    • Bendpak has been in business for 30 years. We're an automotive service equipment manufacturer. We sell both domestically and also internationally, so our reach is really all over the world. And the company is based in southern California. We had operated or we were operating with three different systems, maybe four, if you include the use of spreadsheets. But we had three systems, two CRM applications, and an ERP. And none of those were integrated. There was no continuity with the business processes between the systems and department to department and being able to have visibility out of one system or having analytics out of one system. And so what we wanted was to be able to get that end-to-end visibility in the business and have one provider with best practices supporting that. We ultimately selected SAP Business ByDesign, and really what it gave us was a very easy method of deployment, a very easy method from a capital perspective to invest in the platform. But what we got was an enterprise-class platform, which means that sort of the tools and the structure that larger enterprises have benefited from, SAP was now something that was available for a small- to medium-sized business. So now we're leveraging those best practices, and yet it's accessible to us because of the delivery method and because of the cost paradigm of the application. So those were huge value points in the platform and that ultimately led to our decision to go with SAP Business ByDesign. One of the main criteria for us to invest in a new ERP platform was around supply chain management and inventory management and giving us the visibility not only into the products that we have, but also being able to provide good analytics around forecasting. And this was sort of a gap in our existing solution set. So this was a big initiative for us was to sort of shrink that down and become more lean with what we had, both in our warehouse and also with any manufacturing that needed to be done. And having it delivered online, again, really gave us those set of tools in a way that we really wouldn't be able to build that out in our internal infrastructure that we have. It made it a lot easier for us to get that class of service that would give us those levels of control. But do it in a way that is delivered online actually enabled us to get to those types of tools and those systems as opposed to building a large infrastructure to support ERP on-site. Bendpak's partnership with SAP and the SAP Business ByDesign platform has enabled us to gain visibility throughout our organization. It's empowered our sales organization to have visibility into the products and understand what's available to sell. And then also going through the supply chain to make sure that our inventories are held at an efficient level. And then for our finance departments to be able to have visibility to better understand our costs, to better understand where our profits are, and that's helped in the strategic planning of the company. And looking for it especially in this market, that becomes a very vital tool and one that has greatly empowered Bendpak.
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