Sara Lee: Customer Testimonial Video

Sara Lee sells brands recognized around the world. Learn how this consumer products heavyweight is deploying SAP BusinessObjects Explorer to better understand its customers, ensure consistent results, and achieve greater levels of performance.

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    • Sara Lee is many things. Over the years, through acquisitions, we are four or five different types of business. Primarily in North America, we are a meats business, recognized for brands such as Hillshire Farms, Jimmy Dean, Ball Park. Those are what consumers will recognize us for. Also in North America we have a significant bakery business. We've been with SAP for all our transactional processing systems for a good number of years. And we're comprehensive in terms of their ERP solutions throughout our operations. That's where SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and SAP BusinessObjects on top of that now starts to become very, very important to us. Exploiting the information, the data that's contained within all our transactional processing systems, combining that with all the intelligence, the data that's out there from external sources – be it such as a Nielsen's, be it point-of-sale information coming in from our retailers and so forth. We're going to take all the information from various sources and use SAP BusinessObjects Explorer to allow our senior management to analyze that any which way they wish. The whole purpose is better decision making, faster response to the customer needs. We're going to use SAP BusinessObjects Explorer as our strategic business intelligence tool. We'll be rolling it out throughout our operations starting in North America, but also quickly picking up on some of our international activities as well. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer becomes a key, strategic weapon in our armory of understanding the consumer, the customer, and getting ahead of the competition. It is so powerful the way it goes about scraping data, and intuitively, even ask the tool questions, it goes away and it comes out with its best possible selection of answers, allowing you to drill down. It's more powerful, it's more intuitive than anything I have ever seen before. We want accuracy. We want to be certain that what we're seeing, what information is presented to us is accurate, is relevant, and we can use it in a very informed way to make the right decisions. So SAP BusinessObjects Explorer promises that. This tool is so going to help us in making our performance consistent in the future – how we manage promotions, how successful they were out there, and getting that quarter-on-quarter-on-quarter consistency of results. This is going to be an invaluable tool in giving us that vision, that clarity. And that will impact the top line. It will absolutely impact the share price. It will absolutely make the people who are investing in Sara Lee believe and want to continue to invest. We can show our contribution to the bottom line. We can show how it's changed the way we do business, how that's improved our margins, how that allows us to remain competitive in a very competitive marketplace. How we retain our number one and number two brand positions in everything we make and sell worldwide. We can show that in the investments we've just made in the last two years, we're doing run-rate savings of about $100 million per annum through the SAP suite of solutions we've got today. When we add on top of that this new development using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and the extra insight that's going to give us, the clarity that's going to give us, who knows what that's going to take us to greater levels of performance?
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