Newell Rubbermaid: Gerando relatórios de BI móveis - Customer Testimonial Video

Saiba como este comerciante global de produtos de consumo e comercial está gerando e vendo relatórios de BI em dispositivos móveis. Neste vídeo de curta duração, o diretor de TI de análise de negócios da Newell-Rubbermaid explica como ele está obtendo um ambiente de armazenamento comercial móvel e transparente usando o SAP BusinessObjects BI.

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    • Newell Rubbermaid basically comprises of lots of different brands, and it's known for brands that matter. Very high level, office products brands, home and family brands, and tools and hardware brands. About $6.5 billion company in 2008 and about, we'll say, 75% in U.S., 15% in Europe, and 10% other. The business had one strategic initiative, and that was sales and operational planning. We are a manufacturing company, so sales and operational planning plays a huge role for the business, especially in these tough times. So we were looking for, how do we manage our sales compared to demand and manage our inventory levels? How do we keep our customer-service metrics up? And to do this, we wanted to roll out a sales and operational planning product. My part of the project was more IT-driven. How does IT support the business to do sales and operational planning? And SAP BusinessObjects played a good role to help us implement this project. What we did was, we found out about five to seven metrics for each of these areas. Within demand we had a few metrics. We had metrics on inventory side, and we had metrics on the supply chain, on just the supply side. So we took these metrics and we rolled out in them into a very high-level view, and we said, how would we measure them, how would we rate them, red, yellow, green? And we came up with a bar with all the metrics on a dashboard, using SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise, where we would color-code them and let the business evaluate or know that this is what's going on. Training-wise, this is a huge win. The cost and effort on the training for SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Server dashboard is very small. It's on the enterprise portal, so single sign-on-enabled. Training was basically giving the users, here's the link to the portal and a 15-minute follow-up conversation, saying, here's what needs to be done. So cost of training is very, very limited. There is cost of training for the business content, what does the report do when you need to execute a certain report. But the usability of the tool, from the usability of the tool perspective, the cost is very low. Having all the metrics on the same page is huge. Data has multiple dimensions to it, and initially you needed to run multiple reports to look at those dimensions. With the dashboard that we are building, all those dimensions are being shown on the same page as different graphs. So you are looking at multiple views of the same data. So any change that's happening, it's easily apparent to the user. Which is a huge win from my point of view, because you don't have to run 15 reports to find what's not the right thing that's going on, what's not matching up. You have one dashboard, which will show you all what's going on with the data.
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