Anglo Platinum: Customer Reference Video

Anglo Platinum is one of the world's leading primary producers of platinum group metals. See how the organization is using SAP xRPM to manage complex projects, integrate business processes, and improve decision making.

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    • Anglo Platinum is a focused platinum group metal miner. It's predominantly based in South Africa and employs in the order of 72,000 people. Before we got anywhere near the product selection, we had extensive business process modeling exercises where we sat with our business leaders and made sure that we understood the touch points of portfolio management back into our strategic, long-term planning. The decision making, though, once we had that, we put together a user-required specification with the business and we went through the whole process of requests for information, then requests for proposal. All in all we evaluated 15 products. So it was actually the business themselves who chose the SAP xRPM product over the 14 other competing products. Anglo Platinum has a substantial number of projects, up to 1,500 live projects at any one time, up to 3,000 votes within SAP. From very large projects, over $50 million U.S., to simple engineering purchasing decisions. We've had to look at that due to the long nature and implementation of the large mining projects. The pipeline can be up to 12 years from scope and studies through conceptual, pre-feasibility, feasibility, execution, hot and cold commissioning, and then even after, ramp up to full production can be a very long period. We looked at xRPM to assist us with managing large, complex projects through their life cycle and keeping robust documentation pertaining to stage-gate decision making. We looked at xRPM to integrate into the SAP PS model. So we've had to look at all the support and business processes around that, the capital management, the capital budgeting. And we have, we're busy putting the discipline into the organization to complete the right data within that PS. And then from there we have linkages into our external engineer and procurement contract houses who actually build the mines and the refineries on our behalf in terms of feeding in schedules to give us a master-schedule view. From the actual master-schedule view, we have the ability to look at flags, any red flags, to see where there's areas of concern that we can focus our attention, as a management team, on that. The product will assist us in identifying problematic areas far more quickly than previously. So before, because of the sheer numbers, it was difficult to actually be able to focus on a problem area or an area that wasn't delivering. Now the visibility is there, so that the time in the decision making will be reduced and therefore that, because we can react quicker, we will be potentially able to make the right decisions. It's more the strategic nature and the ability to make the right strategic decisions and close out the loop and have all the order trends and the decisions of the past that would be of benefit. Some of them decisions are hundreds of millions of U.S. dollar decisions. If we can support the directorate in making the right decisions, any fraction of right decision making within a portfolio of $1.8 billion U.S. will have a huge return for us.
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